Meet our newest Ambassadors

The Women in Games ‘Ambassador Programme Powered by Keywords’  welcomes a flurry of new Ambassadors. Thanks to Keywords we are now able to enhance impacts and accelerate change by supporting additional projects and research, events, exclusive materials, and services for Women in Games Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors are absolutely vital to the work we do in achieving gender equality – everyone is welcome to join as an ambassador, as long as you are aligned with our mission to establish a gaming industry, culture and community free from discrimination, where full equity of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers all girls and women, from all ethnicities, of all orientations, to achieve their full potential in the games and esports industries. And that you will work to champion and support people to understand the games industry and the opportunities there are within it, no matter what stage of their career or life journey.

If you would like to apply you can do so here: https://www.womeningames.org/ambassadors/how_to_apply



Agnieszka Skuza, she/her, Marketing Project Manager, Klabater, Warsaw, Poland, @omg_mori/

Aishling Mulhern, She/her, Senior Gameplay Programmer, Tt Games, Manchester UK, @shlingg

Alannah Forman, She/Hers, Producer, Vinci Games, Los Angeles, US, @alannah_herself

Alexandra Knysheva, She/her, Head of GameLab KBTU, Kazakh-British Technical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Amira Park, she/they, Junior Marketing Manager, Pow Wow Entertainment, Austria, @zyxp_9

Ana Salazar, She/Her/They/Them, Project Manager, Pink Bear Games, México City, México, @jupiterdoodles

Andrea Bensussen, She/Her, Creative Producer, Project Manager, Content Creative, BAF, CEO | X. Gala Games, TikTok, Newport Beach, CA USA, @AndreaBensussen

Antonina Iermeichuk, She/her/hers, Technical Product Manager, Product Madness, London, UK

Arham Fatima, Her/She, Unity Developer, Unemployed, Lahore, Pakistan, @geekBegum

Ashley Olsson, She/Her, Producer, Bungie, Seattle, WA, @peachyt00t

Aveline Estié, she/her, UI Programmer, Fall Damage, Stockholm, Sweden, @arlieplays

Becca Davidson, she/her, Director of Operations, Avatar Games Recruitment, Staffordshire

Burçin Haydaş, she/her, Growth Manager, Freelancer, Ankara, Turkey

Caitlyn Cirigliano, She/her, Producer, Ironbelly Studios, Raleigh, NC, US, @SaltDropp

Camille Antone, She/Her, Game Content Analyst, gamigo games, Berlin

Carola Pettinato, she/her, Game Designer, Criterion – Electronic Arts, London, UK, @eccecarpet

Cheryl Moshoeshoe, She/Her, Founder, Bathi Intrinsic, Pretoria, South Africa

Christa Agius, she/her, Product Director, Exient, Malta

Christina Drake, She / Her, Recruiter, Naughty Dog, San Diego, CA, @christinasaidso

Claire MacDonald, She/Her, Studio Talent Acquisition Assistant, Firesprite, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Clarencia sianne Kusumawati brindamour, She, Quality Assurance – fifa game, Keywords Studio, Vancouver, canada, @Claramel_ca

Cynthia John, she/her, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, Bytro Labs, Kempten, Bavaria, Germany

Daniela Ruiz, She/Her, Sofwtare Engineering Student,Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, México, México

Daria Nesterenko, She/Her, Project Manager ,Glera Games, Poznan, Poland

Diala Deeb, She, PR & Communications Manager, Babil Games, Amman, Jordan, @DialaDeeb

Ebru Nilay Vural, She/Her, Translator/Localization Specialist, Currently Freelance, Izmir, Turkey

Elaahe Farsimadan, She/Her, Games Paralegal, Lee & Thompson LLP, London, UK

Elayne Sallemi, she/her/hers, International HR Manager, Concurrent Real-Time, Fort Lauderdale, US

Elisabeth Astwood, they/she, Founder / Narrative Director, Studio Lazulite, Montreal, Canada, @rose_astwood

Ellie Pattinson, She/her, Community Manager, PRISMATIKA, Sheffield, UK, @_littleoliphant

Ellis McLeod, She/Her, People Operations Advisor, Wushu Studios, DUNDEE

Emma Losin, She/They, Game Designer, Mighty Kingdom, Adelaide, Australia, @okayosprey

Frances Williams, She/ Her, Head of People, Playtonic Games, Burton upon Trent, UK

Gabriela Siemienkowicz, she/her, Head of PR, Communication & Culture, GOG, Warsaw, Poland, @_chandra_27

Gabriella Lopes, she/her, Founder/COO/ Creative Game Designer Odyssey Racing Arena, NFE Studio, Seattle, WA. USA, @BullishGal

Geneviève Routhier, She/her, Senior Art Director, Ubisoft, Montpellier, @bl00dberri

Georgia Goulden, She/Her, Talent Consultant, META Hedhunting, Sheffield, UK, @GeeAtMeta

Georgina Cornelius, She/Her, Talent Acquisition Manager, Sumo Group, Sheffield

Giulio Piana, Senior Gameplay Programmer, Gameloft, Milan, Italy, @Giulio6686

Hajar Ajh Momoko13, she/her, Esports Talent/ Content creator, self-employed, Morocco/ Rabat, @Momoko13_

Hannah Parker, she/her, Senior Gaming Recruitment Consultant, Be Different Recruitment, London, UK, @ParkerGamesBD

Haua Mohamud Yusuf, She/Her, Campaign Lead, Wehype, Uppsala, Sweden

Holly Chu, She/Her, Sr. Producer, Amazon Games Studio, California, US

Iana Tkachenko, She/her/hers , Co-Founder and COO, Moonmana, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Jacia Ebubechi, She, Game content writer and management team member, Six Path Studios, PortHarcourt, Nigeria, @jacia_ebubechi

Janie Hughes, she/her, Chief Operating Officer / Co-owner, Cityzen, Raleigh, NC USA, @janiehughes

Jen Donahoe, she/her, Head of Publishing and Marketing, HiDef, Los Angeles, CA USA, @Jen_Donahoe

Jess Bradshaw, She/Her, Professor, Game Design, Sheridan College, Canada, Ontario, @FoxRacingGurlx

Jonathan Ogle-Barrington, He/Him, Senior Software Engineer, The Multiplayer Group, Northumberland, UK, @itsafeature

Jordan Patterson, she/her, Machine Learning Engineer 2, Electronic Arts (EA), Vancouver, Canada

Kaela ONeill, she/her, AI Programmer, The Molasses Flood, Texas, USA, @princesskisra

Karina Kononovic, Miss, Mobile App Analytics & Growth Consultant Firebase, Google, Dublin, Ireland

Karla Biukovic, She/Her, Associate Product Manager, Scopely, Ireland, Dublin

Karolina Anna Sternberg, she/her, Payroll Manager, Popcore GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Kat Neale, She/Her, Associate Game Director, Blackbird Interactive, Vancouver, Canada

Katie Klasse-Saldivar, She/Her, Engagement Manager & Content Creator, Experis | Manpower Group, Racine, Wisconsin, United States

Katie Wright, She/Her, Junior Artist, Oxalis Games, London, UK, @RoseColouredArt

Kelly Barnes, She/Her, Assistant Producer, Codemasters EA, Southam, UK, @kellyholmesy

Kerrie Holland, she/her, Junior Producer, Code Coven Alum, Manchester, @scarletshimmer

Kierath Dhugga, she/her, 3D Generalist, KeenWorld, London

Kyoko Blondel, She/Her, HR Manager – Australia, Keywords Studios, Melbourne, Australia

Ladell Smith, They/Them, Associate Social and Community Manager, Auroch Digital, Leeds, UK, @pastelbat90

Laura Körting, She/Her, CEO, LAB132, Heidelberg, Germany, @laboratory132

Lauren Mandelker, She/her, Regional Manager, Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility – Americas, Keywords Studios, Montreal, Canada and Los Angeles US

Lia Zhang, She/Her, Investor, Makers Fund, New York, US, @liaazhang

Lucy Hayto, she/her, Lecturer, Coventry College, Leicester, UK, @LucyHayto

Luisa-Sophie Berlinicke, she/her, PR Specialist, Iceberg Interactive, Essen, Germany, @hauptstadtecke

Luka Lemon, (she/her), Talent and Relationships, Turbulent Games, Montreal, Canada

Luke Hale, He/Him, Senior Producer, Frontier Developments, Bishop’s Stortford, UK, @HippoRustler

Madalina Niculae, She/Her, Senior Project Manager / Senior Producer, The Multiplayer Group (MPG), Bucharest, Romania

Maddalena Mometti, She / Her, Innovation Manager, Designer & Academic Researcher, Chic Words blog – www.chicwords.it, Italy, @chicwordsvenice

Margarita Toporkova, she/her, Global Communications Coordinator & Wellbeing Specialist, Keywords Studios, Montreal

Maria Gudmundsdottir, She, Founder & CEO,Parity, Reykjavik, Iceland

Mariana Carril, She/her, CPO, N/A, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Meltem Acar, she/her, Marketing Director, IWPA Game, Istanbul, Türkiye

Michele Brooks, She/Her, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Red Storm Entertainment, Fort Walton Beach, FL, @itsmichelebro

Michelle Snowball, She/They, Junior Programmer, Ubisoft Reflections, Leamington Spa, UK, @meesh_codes

Naomi Culleton, She / Her, Business Development Manager, Genba Digital, London, England

Nikita King, She/Her, UX writer, HP, Virginia, USA

Padraigin Tasker, She/Her, Course Coordinator and Lecturer – Games, Animation and VFX Skills, Southern Regional College, Newry, Northern Ireland

Rebecca King, She/Her, Solicitor, Lee & Thompson LLP, London

Rhea Gustavsson, she/her, Senior Gameplay Programmer, Redacted, Royal Leamington Spa, UK, @RheaAyase

Robyn Taylor, She/Her, Resourcer, Write Finder, West Sussex, UK

Rucha Muley, She/Her, Sr. Character Technical Artist, Firewalk Studios, Seattle, US, @RuchaMucha

Sam Purser, He/Him, QA Tester, Double Eleven Limited, Middlesbrough, UK

Sandrine le Comte, she/her, Game Designer, Studio Gobo, Brighton, UK, @Sandy_leComte

Sena Erverdi, She/Her, Director of Publisher Growth, Adverty, Istanbul, Turkey

Shannon Cowell, She/Her, FE Games Art Tutor, Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, Nottingham

Stacy Griffin, she/her, Founder & CEO, Cherimoya, Inc., LOS ANGELES, CA, @stacyGR34247483

Stacy Khviasechka, She/Her, Product Manager, Huuuge Games, Warsaw, Poland

Tessa Cowan, She/Her, Level 1 Artist, Dovetail Games, London, @tessacowan3d

Urooj Iqbal, She/Her, Growth Marketing Associate, Playdew, Islamabad, Pakistan

Veronica Minano, She/Her, Head of HR & Talent Acquisition, Kwalee, Leamington Spa, UK

Victoria Evans, She/Her, Senior Animator, TT Games, Cheshire, UK

Weihua Shao, She/Her, Head of Studio, Nordic Stone Studio, Malmö Sweden

Xiange Wang, she/her, Mechanical Engineer, Meta, Shanghai, China

Yara Abdelmawgod, She/Her, Game Operations, Community Manager MENA, Garena, MENA

Yee Mun Cheong, she/her, Assistant Vice President – Marketing, UniPin, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Yoyu Li, She/Her, Creative Technology Director, Infinite Whys, London, UK, @yoyu777uk

Yvonne Tsao, N/A, e-Commerce Manager, games workshop, London

Zita Erdelyi, she/her, UX Researcher, CREY Games, Budapest, Hungary