Meet our newest Ambassadors

The Women in Games ‘Ambassador Programme Powered by Keywords’  welcomes a flurry of new Ambassadors. Thanks to Keywords Studios we are now able to enhance impacts and accelerate change by supporting additional projects and research, events, exclusive materials, and services for Women in Games Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors are absolutely vital to the work we do in achieving gender equality – everyone is welcome to join as an ambassador, as long as you are aligned with our mission to establish a gaming industry, culture and community free from discrimination, where full equity of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers all girls and women, from all ethnicities, of all orientations, to achieve their full potential in the games and esports industries. And that you will work to champion and support people to understand the games industry and the opportunities there are within it, no matter what stage of their career or life journey.

If you would like to apply you can do so here: https://www.womeningames.org/ambassadors/how_to_apply



Aashka Shah, She/Her, CG Generalist, MLC, MA, USA,

Adele Saunders, She/Her, Community Lead, SEGA HARDlight, Leamington Spa, @Nollie_00

Adriana Shoshan, Ms., Head of Marketing, Kokku, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,

Alec Chalmers, He/Him, Course Leader – BA (Hons) Games Art / BA (Hons) Games Design, Leeds Arts University, Leeds, UK,

Alexandra Alink, She/Her, Independent Researcher, N/A, Wageningen, Netherlands,

Alina Alonzova, She/Her, Student/ 3D Artist, (studies at) SAE Institute, Berlin, Germany,

Alina Respress, she/her, Social Media Manager, Self-employed, Munich, Germany,

Aline Martins Fukuda, She/Her, Partnership Manager, Moxen, São Paulo, Brazil, @martilins

Alisha Memon, She/Her, Senior Social Media Specialist, Helpshift, Pune, India,

Allegra Ambrosio, She/Her, Production Manager, Liquid Development, Portland, OR USA,

Amanda Duarte, She/her, Game Project Manager/Producer, Freelancer, Toronto, Canada,

Amanda Parola, She/Her, Senior Manager, Talent Development, 2K, Alameda, CA,

Amit Simhi, Amit Simhi, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Gaya Simulations, Israel,

Anas Pomelova, She/They, Software Engineer & Performance Artist, Munich, Germany, @bauml0s

Angela Rodriguez, She/Her, Undergraduate Student, UC Berkeley, McAllen, USA,

Angelica Rochat, She/Her, Senior Project Manager, Activision, Randolph, New Jersey (USA),

Anna Hills, She/Her, Digital Marketing Executive, 1minus1, London, @annamaygame

Anoushka Ananth, She/Her, Growth Manager, Kratos Gaming Network, Bangalore, India, @anoushkaananth

Ashley Poprik, She/They, Writer, High Moon Studios, Los Angeles, US, @ashleypoprik

Becky Palmer, She/Her, Joint CEO, Playtest Games, Brighton, UK, @DigitalBecky

Bianca Antunes, She/Her, Producer, Scopely, Barcelona, ES,

Bojana Cvetković, She/Her, Project Manager, Grubb Young & Co, Niš, Serbia,

Brogan Fraser-McCluskey, She/Her, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, Sumo Group, Liverpool,

Camille Vargas, She/Her, Head of Product Marketing, Allstar, New York, New York, USA, @CamilleNVargas

Carolina Ellis, She/Her, Studio Head/ Founder, Tidepool Games, Vancouver/ Canada

Carolina Rocha, She/Her, Sr. Community Specialist, Fortis Games, Lisbon, Portugal

Cary Lambert, She/Her, Global Brand Manager, PRO Series & Esports, Logitech G, Washington, United States, @veeliaxo

Catherine Schell, She/Her, Operations Manager, Fuse Games Ltd, Guildford, UK,

Chelsea Statton, She/Her/Hers, Producer, Archetype Entertainment, Austin, TX

Chetana Mali, She/Her/Hers, Junior Game Programmer, Apar Games, Nashik, Maharashtra, India, @CMali93810

Chloe Fitzgerald, She/Her, People Administrator, Universally Speaking, Liverpool

Chloe Read, She/Her, Community Lead, Keywords Studios, Ontario, Canada

Courtney MacKenzie Ouellette, She/Her/Hers, Producer, Activision, Madison, WI

Cristina Dumitrascu, She/Her, Product Manager, Green Horse Games, Bucharest, RO

Daiema Zaheer, Daiema Zaheer, Game QA/Analyst, Game District, Lahore, Pakistan

Dalila Martins, She, Research Fellow, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal

Dilara Melisa Yaman, She/Her, Assistant Editor, ArtReview, Istanbul, Turkey

Dooshima Anger, She/Her, Gameplay Programmer / Women-in-games lead, Africa Comicade, Lagos Nigeria @DooshimaGames

Dragana Djurdjevic, Dragana Djurdjevic, Game Developer, Lazarevac, Serbia

Dua Noor, She/Her, Software Quality Assurance Engineer/Game Tester, Freelancer, Pakistan, @DuaNoor_/

Duygu Avcı, She/They, UI/UX Game designer, Wooga, Berlin, @heydeyege

Dylan Lavis, He/Him, Director of Business Development, Pixelated Talent, Seattle, Washington @dylan_lavis

Elena Dimopoulou, She/Her, Art Director & Game Designer, Fortnite Epic Games, Greece, @ElenaDimopoulo5

Emilie Beauchamp, She/Her, Associate Art Director, WB Games Montréal, Montréal

Emily Kelley Kunin, She/Her, Game Designer, Hypixel Studios, Kern County, California, USA

Erica Oliva, She/Her, Entrepreneur, Self Employed/FreeLancer, Jacksonville, Florida USA

Esther Siseku , She/Her, Game Data Analyst, Actively Searching, Lagos, Nigeria, @Esiseku

Evelyn Ivey, She/Her, Account Director, Waste Creative, London, UK

Faranak Dehghani, She/Her, Concept Artist/Game Artist, futuregames, Malmö, Sweden

Fynn Sjögren, They/Them, Student at UoY / Freelance Concept Artist / ADHD UK Ambassador, University of York

Gina Keohane, She/Her, People Manager,Facepunch Studios, Birmingham UK, @Luuuui__

Giselle Dougan, She/Her/Hers, Immersive Engineer, UNSHUT, San Diego, CA, USA @giselleium

Gladys Jeannette Georges, She/Her, Localisation Test Lead, PlayStation Studios, Liverpool, UK

Grace Zhou, She/Her, Director, Corporate Development, Scopely, Los Angeles, USA, @graceminzhou

Hamna Jalil, She/Her, Technical Project Manager, Revolving Games, Lahore, Pakistan, @hamnaisone

Hannah Viera, She/Her, Sr. Project Manager, Liquid Development, Portland, United States

Hannah Wright, She/Her, Talent Acquisition Partner (although recently been made redundant), Airship, Liverpool

Hayley Rumbold , She/Her, Senior Video Artist,Rebellion, London, UK, @HayloxEdits

Heidi Livengood, She/Her, Senior Technical Gaming Recruiter, ex-Roblox/Activision/Disney (unemployed), San Jose, CA, USA

Holly Uloth, She/Her, Voice Director, Freelance, Montreal, Canada

Huda Siraj, She/Her, Student, Mountain House High School, San Francisco, CA, @hudasirj

Irina Sagieva, She/Her, Head of Business Development, Ansvery, Barcelona, Spain, @iSagieva

Işıl Eralp, She/Her, Marketing Lead, Ruby Game Studio, Izmir/ Turkey

James Walker, He/Him, Executive Consultant, Venn Group, London

Jennifer Wynn, She/Her, Games Art & Animation Lecturer, South Staffordshire College, Birmingham, UK

Jennifer Stevens-Ketland, She/They, Part time hospital administrator/part time writer/part time student,University Hospitals Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

Jennifer Lane, She/Her, Director, Possibility Space, Seattle, WA, USA

Jessica Timms, She/Her, PR Director, UberStrategist, Central Valley, California, USA @girl_unknownn

Jeta Plakolli, She/Her, UX and Social Systems Designer, 10 Chambers, Stockholm Sweden

Jill Slor, She/Her/Hers, Lead Animator, KeokeN Interactive, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

Júlia Blasco Allepuz, She/Her, Game Designer, Made on Earth, Barcelona, Spain, @julia_blasco_

Kate Killick, She/Her, CEO, Glowfrog Games, Norwich, UK @thethirdkate

Katharina Schmidt, She/Her, Senior Business Development Manager, Rovio, part of SEGA Group, Helsinki, Finland, kataschmidt_

Kathryn Moseley, She/They, Animation Project Manager, Liquid Development, Milwaukie, Oregon, USA

Katie Faith, She/Her, 2D/3D Production Artist, Blue Wizard Digital, Vancouver Island, Canada, @craorii

Kerri Mccormick , She/Her, Consultant, Be Different , London, UK

Kim Ladd, She/Her/They, Sr. Director for Global Operations, Paymentwall/Terminal3, London, UK

Kristin Wood, She/Her, CEO, August Interactive, Reston, VA

Lidia Carvalho, She/Her, Game Producer, Artechmis Studios, São Paulo, Brazil

Lisa Kretschmer, She/Her, Studio Manager, IO Interactive, Istanbul

Lisa O’Connell, She/Her, Student, Technological University Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Liz Dollin, She/Her, Senior People and Project Manager, Hangar 13, Brighton, UK

Liz Randell, She/Her, Director / Project Manager, Digital People in Peterborough / Peterborough STEM Festival, Peterborough, UK, @liz_randell

Loreta Stefanovska, She/Her, Game Artist, Sindex, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia

Lucie Duté, She/Her, Privacy Manager, Riot Games, Dublin, Ireland

Lucy Huber, She/Her, Game Design Student, IU Internationale Hochschule, Cologne, Germany

Maigan West, She/Her, PA to Senior Leadership Team, PitStop Productions, Barnsley, UK

Margarita Dagaeva, She/Her, Product Marketing Specialist, Rovio l Part of SEGA, Helsinki, Finland

Maria Falcão, She/Her/Hers, Business Development Manager, Magic Media , Recife, Brazil

Marisol Cruz, She/Her, Sr Manager, Marketing Games Latam, Warner Bros Discovery, Mexico City, Mexico

Megan Tan, She/Her/Hers, Management Consultant, ARC, Calgary, Canada

Melissa Hattersley, She/Her, Game Producer & Gaming Attorney, Agile Owl, Edinburgh, Scotland

Mia Hussain, She/Her, Junior AI Programmer, Ubisoft, Warwickshire

Michelle Santos Costa, She/Her, Game Designer, Producer, Michelle Santos, Goiás, Brazil, @elle_santo

Molly Robinson, She/Her, Third Year University Student Computer Games Development, Manchester Metropolitan University, Liverpool

Nadja Nicetic, She/Her, Recruiter, iLogos, Novi Sad, Serbia

Narges Pourshahrokhi, She/Her, Postdoctoral Researcher, Royal College of Art, London/Windsor

Natalia Nowrot, She/Her, Game Artist / Studio Founder , Bubble Frog Studio, Katowice, Poland

Nathaly Kalantar, She/Her, CEO & Founder, VR Game Developer, Perú Party VR, Peru, @NathKalantar

Neishun Lopati, Any Pronouns, Full Stack Developer and Designer, Tohu Media, Auckland, New Zealand

Nela Ion, She/Her, UI Engineer, Spliced Inc., Manchester, UK, @_NelaIon

Nicola Karnas, She/Her, Game Researcher,Try Evidence, Wrocław, Poland

Nika J. Bender, She/Her, Lead Live Producer, EA DICE, Stockholm, Sweden

Nikki Lu, She/Her, Game Writer & Narrative Designer, Petal Pixel Studios, Ontario, Canada

Nina Kim, She/Her, Senior Game Designer, Rare, Hove, UK, @rainysector

Oindrila Mandal, She/Her, Senior Product Manager, Electronic Arts Inc., Los Angeles

Ömer Hazar ÖZYILDIRIM, Stephano, Student, Sivas Cumhuriyet Üniversitesi, İstanbul, Türkiye, @stephanovlr

On Yin Chan, She/Her, Founder and Director, Women in Creative Technologies, SA, Aus

Pamela Clunes, She/Her, Creative Director / Technical Game Designer,Raincup Games, Concon, Chile, @pameclunes

Paola Antunes, She/Her, 3D Environment Designer, Freelancer, Adelaide, South Australia, @paola_a_silva

Patricia Fernandez, She/Her, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Saber Interactive, Madrid, Spain

Petra Zegnal, She/Her, UX/UI Designer, Freelancing (will announce new FT company soon), Galway, Ireland, @discolexia1

Priya Bali, She/Her/Hers, Manager – Learning & Development, lakshya digital pvt ltd, INDIA

Riris Marpaung, She/Her, Founder/CEO,GameChanger Studio, Tangerang/Banten, Indonesia, @RirisMarpaung

Robyn Smale, She/Her, External Development Producer, Relic Entertainment, Toronto, ON Canada

Rose Willard, She/Her, QA Lead, Ascendant Studios, Walnut Creek, CA, USA

Sammy Hardesty, She/Her, Head of PR, Heaven Media, Newcastle, UK, @sammy_hardesty

Sara Teixeira, She/Her, Head of Marketing & Web3 Studio, Exclusible, Lisbon, Portugal, @saraflteixeira

Sara Haenny, She/Her, Chief Experience Officer, Fenix Down, Phoenix, Arizona, @pymms_

Sarah Seif, She/Her, Marketing & PR Specialist, Undergraduate Student at New York University , Los Angeles, California

Shefali Pearson, She/Her, Senior Game Product Manager, Electronic Arts Inc., Vancouver, Canada

Sophie May, She/Her, PR Manager, Modiphius, East Sussex, UK, @suncloudsoph

Stella Kinoshita, She/They, Lead Artist, Student, Nightwatch Studios, Miami University – Oxford, Yellow Springs, OH, USA, @starsundertrees

Supitcha Chailom, They/Them, Game Designer,N/A, Vancouver, BC, Canada,

Tabitha Cholet, She her, Creative Community Manager, Adliven, Barcelona

Tanu Jain, She, CEO and Co Founder, Reboot Game Studios, Gurugram, Haryana, India

Thays Pantuza, She/Her, Creative Direction & Game Producer, Zumbido Produções, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, @thayspantuza

Van Loc, She/Her, Art Director, Loc & Kin Co, Toronto Canada

Vassia Vasiladioti, She/Her/Hers, Gameplay Engineer – Grade II, Playground Games , Royal Leamington Spa, UK

Vickie Kent, She/Her, Workplace Coordinator and Receptionist, Universally Speaking, Liverpool, UK

Victoria Beliaeva, She/Her, Head of Business Development and PR, AppQuantum, Serbia, Belgrade

Victoria De Arriba Ruiz, She/Her, Community Manager, Keywords Studios, Cádiz, Spain

Victoria Sanchez, She/Her/Hers, People Project Manager, Diversity & Inclusion, Riot Games, Los Angeles, CA

Vivian Boykin, She/Her, Strategic Account Executive — Gaming , Microsoft , Irvine, CA, USA

Viviana Palacios, She/Her/Hers, Sr. Talent Acquisition Speciaist,N/A, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Wanjiku Njoroge, She/Her, DevSecOps Engineer,CyberSafe, Kenya, @Wanjiku11374431

Wendy Prantner, She/Her/They/Them, Instructional design, Wendy Prantner, Minnesota, USA, @TechChic

Willow Jin, She/Her, Concept Artist, Yiyeshu Studio, London, UK

Yamini Ganesan , She/Her, Environment Designer, IQTECHMAX, India

Yana Dzemyantsava, She/Her, Game Designer, 10 Chambers, Stockholm, Sweden

Ziwei Su, She/Her, Game Developer, Freelancer, London, UK

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash