Meet our newest Ambassadors

The Women in Games ‘Ambassador Programme Powered by Keywords’  welcomes a flurry of new Ambassadors. Thanks to Keywords Studios we are now able to enhance impacts and accelerate change by supporting additional projects and research, events, exclusive materials, and services for Women in Games Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors are absolutely vital to the work we do in achieving gender equality – everyone is welcome to join as an Ambassador, as long as you are aligned with our mission to establish a gaming industry, culture and community free from discrimination, where full equity of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers all girls and women, from all ethnicities, of all orientations, to achieve their full potential in the games and esports industries. And that you will work to champion and support people to understand the games industry and the opportunities there are within it, no matter what stage of their career or life journey.

If you would like to apply you can do so here: https://www.womeningames.org/ambassadors/how_to_apply



Aanya Mishra, she/her, Student, DePaul University, Chicago, USA

Abby Beamish, She/Her, Project Manager, Microsoft, Newbury, UK, @Abby_AFK

Ahu Yolac, she/her, Assistant Professor of Game Design, Lawrence Technological University, Detroit, USA

Ala Truchel, she/her, Social Media Specialist, Kinguin, Warsaw, Poland

Alba Pardines Valero, She/Her, Senior 3D Artist,OneMan Studio, Valencia, Spain

Alejandra Urueña , She/Her, Interaction Designer | Game Designer, Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogotá, Colombia

Aleksander Kjeserud, He/Him, Director of Strategic Research & Business Development, Gameopedia, Oslo, Norway

Alice Di Pinto, She/her, Game Design Student/ Interactive media educator, Freelancer, Berlin, Germany

Aliya Al Marzooqi, She/her, Student,Student, Dubai, UAE

Amanda Carrington, She/her, Game Designer, Criterion Games, Warrington, UK

Amanda Souza, Miss, Senior Manager, Global Payment Services, Razer, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Amy Thomas, She/her, Lecturer in Intellectual Property and Information Law,University of Glasgow, CREATe Research Centre, Glasgow, UK, @copyrightcentre

Ana Luiza Lima, she/her, Project Manager, Kokku Games, Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil

Anastasia Kuznetsova, she/her, Senior Talent Acquisition,Voodoo, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, @l1afel

Anastasia Tarasova, she/her, 3D Character artist,Freelance, Berlin, Germany

Andrea Smith, She/Her, Human Resources and Office Administrator, Gamemode One, Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

Andreas Waleij, he/him, Project Manager, Arctic Game, Umeå, Sweden

Anna Stratonnikova, she/her, Games Engineering Student,Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany

Anna Temczuk, she/her, UX/UI and Game Designer,Freelancer, Reykjavik

Anne Zarnecke, She/her, Game Designer,Klang Games, Berlin, Germany

Ayse Ozgen, She/Her, Esports Production Assistant / 3D Artist, eSports360/Metavision Studio, Istanbul, Turkey, @merinimsi

Başak Gül, she/her, Social Media Manager,Balance Network, Istanbul, Türkiye

Beatrice Nunes, She/Her, Senior Business Development Executive, Kokku, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Benarda Hasa, She/Her, Recruiter, 8Bit Games Industry Recruitment, Tirane, Albania

Brett Buren, He / Him, PR Account Manager, UberStrategist, Los Angeles, USA, @technofolklore

Carol Jepson, She/Her, Operations Manager, Beyond Creative , London, UK, @mambo_doodles

Caroline Calaway, She/Her/Hers, Senior Game Producer, Riot Games, Seattle, Washington, USA

Casey Chorba, She/Her, Sr. Privacy Program Manager, Epic Games, Los Angeles, USA, @cechorba

Chantelle Hicks, She/ her, Game designer, Pipeworks, Salem USA,

Charlotte Shirreff, She/Her, Junior IT Support Specialist, Cloud Imperium Games, Manchester, UK

Charulatha Mohan, She/her, Producer,Zynga, India

Cheng Min, She / Her, Junior Game Designer,Freelancer, London, UK

Chloe Sinclair, she/ her/ hers, Engagement, EDI & Wellbeing Specialist, Fresh Seed, Liverpool, UK, @_chloesinclair_

Chloe Elford, She/Her, Junior Game Designer, Marmalade Game Studio, London, UK, @chloeeelford

Cris Gheorghe, She/Her, Senior Project Manager/Senior Producer, The Multiplayer Group, Bucharest, Romania

Cristina Amaya, She/Her, Events Lead, Riot Games, Los Angeles, USA, @silcris88

Daisy Treloar, she/her, Brand Manager, Modern Wolf, London, UK, @daisytreloar

Daniel Fox, He/Him, Talent Acquisition Lead, Code Wizards Group, Colchester. UK, @DanielFoxGames1

Deniz Kekeç, She/Her, Performance Marketing Manager, InnoGames, Hamburg, Germany

Dergul Nacar, She/Her, Recruitment Resourcer & HR Advisor, Hardy Search & Selection , London, UK, @Dee31830

Ellada Kotova, she/her, Associate producer, Owlcat Games, Nicosia, Cyprus

Emanuelly Araujo, She/Her , Art Director, Fivewinners Studios, Itaboraí, Rio de Janeiro – Brasil, @vulgoafronauta

Emma Donohue, She/her, Director of Partner Relations, AdLiven, Los Angeles, California, USA

Emma Oliver, She/Her, CRM Manager, Jagex, Cambridge, UK

Eva Sophie Cringle, She/Her, 3D Character Artist, Self-employed/Freelance, Hamburg, Germany, @Evanylaaa

Filip Cholewczynski, He/Him, Senior Producer,Wooga, Berlin, Germany

Fiorella Alexandra Sarmiento Merma, She/her, Game Producer, Trick Studio, Lima, Peru

Gavin Brennan, He/Him, Global Events and Awards Manager, Keywords Studios, Dublin, Ireland

Giorgia La Rocca, She/Her, Head of Game Marketing, Ex Ubisoft, Ex Flexion, studying to become Executive Coach , London, UK

Giovanna Cabral, She/Her, Business Developer, Nuuvem, Recife, Brasil, @giolovesblood

Halle Mills , She/her, Student Games Designer, Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, UK

Hiromi Iwasaki, She/Her, The head of marketing, Japan, Wizards of the Coast Japan LLC, Tokyo, Japan

Iryna Baradzina , her, Business Development Manager, Devtodev, Vilnius, Lithuania

Işık Eda Güzgeren, She/Her, Growth Manager,Papyonlab, Kadıköy/Istanbul/Turkey, @EdaGuzgeren

Jacqueline Lamm, She/Her, Co-Found Esports & Coffee,Esports & Coffee, Minnesota, USA, @Luggnuttzz

Jess Molloy, She/Her, Associate Game Designer, Stellar Entertainment, Guildford, UK, @jessabellerina

Joely Callaghan, Miss, Senior Delivery Consultant, Synchro, Northampton, UK

Julia Jomon, She/ her, Unreal Programmer intern, Gametsugi entertainment pvt ltd., Kerala, India, @JomonJulia

Juliette Hettema, She/Her, Community Lead, Keywords Studios, London, UK

Kamilla Ibraimova, She/Her, Community Manager, N/A, Singapore

Kao Smith, she/her, Founder, Bandit Visual Games, Phoenix, USA

Karina Cardona, She/Her, Community Manager,G.Round, San Juan, Puerto Rico, @athgadt

Karishma Seth, She/her, 3D Animator and Visual Artist, Freelance/Self-employed, Kolkata, India,

Kateryna Liashenko, She, Lead Recruiter, Bini Games, Gdansk, Poland,

Katie Nurse, she/her, People Partner, Netspeak Games, Wales

Kaveri Khullar, She/her, Senior Vice President, Consumer Marketing and Sponsorships, Mastercard Asia pacific, Singapore, @kauverikhullaar

Kim Knup, she /her, QA Professional, NA, Brighton, UK, @metroidvaniagir

Kimberly Dann, She/Her, Human Resources, Project Manager, Looking for work, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Kristin Chan, she/her, Program Manager, Wizards of the Coast, Seattle, WA, USA

Kshitija Katare, She, General Manager, edba academy (a venture of Surfboard Ventures), Mumbai, India

Lauren Middleton, She/her, Associate Producer, Splash Damage, London, @lozwigi

Leah Rohlf-Baldock, She/Her, FP&A Senior Manager, Take 2 Interactive, London UK

Leisha-Marie Riddel, They/she, Associate Art Director, Behaviour Interactive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, @Leishariddel

Leslie Miroslava Benitez Marin, she/her, Quest Designer, Equilibrium Games, Aguascalientes, Mexico

Lia Fuziy, She/Her, Teacher / Coordinator / Chair,Méliès College / GameDevToolkit / IGDA SP, São Paulo, SP

Libby Walker, She/Her, Brand Director,Diva Agency, Bristol, UK,

Liliana Bravo, she/her, President and Co-founder,SANDA (Sound, Art, Narrative and Development Association), Lima, Peru, @relibrana

Lina Pepe, She/Her, UX/UI Designer,Women Game Jam – Canada, Calgary, Canada

Liza Dobrovoljc, she/her, Associate Product Director, King, Stockholm, Sweden

Luke Davis, He/Him/His, Assistant Director of Admissions,DigiPen Institue of Technology, Seattle, WA, USA

Lynsey Lawson, Mrs, Head of Operations, XR Games Limited, Leeds, UK

Maria Eduarda Guimarães, She/Her, Talent Acquisition Coordinator,Kokku, Recife, Brazil

Maria Fernanda Poletine Advincula, She/her, Mid Game Producer, Kokku, Recife, Brazil

Maria Júlia Vieira, She, Academic Researcher – PhD student ,Aveiro University, Portugal, Porto, @dasjulia

Matteo Matt, He/Him, Talent Sourcer Business Partner ,Behaviour Interactive, Montréal, Canada, @maniscalcoma1

Mayumi Rollings, She/Her, CEO – Founder,Tiny Ghost Studios Inc., Vancouver, BC

Melania Putko, She/her, QA Technician,Pixel Toys, Royal Leamington Spa, UK

Meredith Ford, She/her, Project Manager, Jagex, London, UK

Mfon Enoh, She / Her, Game Developer / Unreal Engine Instructor,Maniform Studio, Uyo / Nigeria, @GraceEnoE1

Milena Skornik-Nogalska, She/Her, Lead 3D Animator,Freelance, Katowice, Poland

Miriam Kerbache, She/Her, Fractional Head of People,Kerbache HR Ltd, Belfast, UK

Molly Carroll, She/Her, Art Director & Lead Environment Artist, Lazy Lion Games, Little Rock, AR & Northern Italy, @_SpaceMollusk_

Murphy Li, She/Her/Hers, Indie Game Developer & Freelance Artist, Sole Proprietorship, Denver, USA, @MurphyLi10

Nicole / Nicolina Simoes, She/Her, Brand & Content Manager, Eleven Eleven Ltd, London, UK, @sallt_peppher

Nivya Manuel, She/her, UEFN Fortnite Creator, Epic Games (Freelance), India

Oshin Byju, She/Her, Games Design Graduate, Teesside University, Middlesbrough, UK

Patricia Canane, She/Her, QA tester, Miniclip, Porto Salvo, Portugal

Paula Sanchis, She/Her, Senior 3D Artist, Coatsink, London, UK

Pooja Kalyan, She/Her/Hers, Game Designer,Pixcell Play, India

Rahel Alemayehu, She/Her, Talent Acquisition Partner, Cloud Imperium Games, Denver, CO

Raquel Fukuda, She/Her, Senior Art Producer,Garena, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Reanne Donkor, She/Her/Hers, Influencer Relations Executive, Secret Mode, Sheffield, UK, @ReanneDonkor

Renee White, she/her, SME, Nexgen, Texas, USA, @ren9021

Rita Mónica García Pérez, She/Her, Game Producer, Saber Interactive Spain, Madrid, Spain, @ritamonicag

Roha Ashar, She/Her, Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer, Game Division, Pakistan

Roosa Jokiaho, she/her, Cinematic Artist, Square Enix, Tokyo, Japan, @RjOkami

Rosemary Chalmers, She/They, Course Leader – Comic and Concept Art // Creature Designer & Wildlife Illustrator, Leeds Arts University // Rosemary Chalmers – Concept Art & Illustration, Leeds, UK, @RosemaryArtist

Rowan Powell, He/Him, Tech Lead,Dunelm, Basingstoke, UK, @Xaoka

Samantha Low, she/her, Global Communications Executive, Neon Noroshi, Tokyo, Japan, @rinoaskyes

Sandra Mottoh, She/Her, Director & General Manager, Responsible Gaming MENA, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sara Halim, Sara Halim, Project Manager, Nin-Ja Company, Jordan, Amman

Sarah Neil, She/Her, Trade Mark Attorney, AA Thornton IP LPP, London, UK and Peterborough, UK

Serenad Yilmaz, She/her, Founder / Creative Director,Food for Thought, Berlin, Germany

Shahrzad Beevis, She/Her, Student | Game Developer & Production Lead,University of Winchester | RaRa Games, Hampshire, UK

Shenae Rivers, She, Executive Director,UrbanDevelopers, Waterloo, USA

Sophie Keen, She / They, Content Creator, Self Employed, London, UK, @sophiekeen

Stela Karandrea, she/her, Senior User Acquisition Manager, Stillfront group, Athens, Greece

Subhadip Ghosh, He/Him, Business Head, Red Apple Learning, Kolkata, India

Talita Rhein, She/her/they/them, Producer,Maschinen-Mensch, Berlin, Germany

Tilly Jowle-Gill, She/Her, Student/Events Manager/Website Developer, Murdoch University/WA Games Industry Council(WAGIC)/The Lucy Saw Centre Association, Perth, Australia

Tracy Greenan, She/Her, Founder, A.U.R.A. , New York, New York, USA

Wenxiao Ding, She/her, Creative Designer, UnquarriedBug, NewYork, USA

Yuri Cantrell, they/them, Digital Scholarship Faculty, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA, @yuric_ux