Camille Faivre d’Arcier is the Localisation Manager at our Corporate Ambassador CCP Games. Here she discusses what it means to be a Women in Games Ambassador, highlights some of the events and initiatives she and fellow Ambassadors have created in Iceland, and offers some advice and inspiration to others looking to do the same…

As Women in Games Ambassadors, our goal is to foster a supportive and inclusive gaming community in Iceland. The number of WIG ambassadors has steadily grown, and there are now seven women at CCP Games working to create a significant impact both within our company and the broader gaming industry in Iceland.

Our vision is clear: we aim to build a strong community, amplify the voices of women in gaming, and inspire the next generation of female gamers and professionals. Through our events, we want to create spaces where women and non-binary people can connect, share their experiences, and find support. We also want to showcase the diverse and exciting career paths available in the gaming industry, challenge stereotypes, and encourage young girls to envision themselves in these roles.

We believe in the power of representation and role models. By highlighting the achievements and journeys of women at CCP Games, we hope to inspire others to pursue their passions in gaming and technology. Our events are not just about networking; they’re about contributing to building a future where women are equally represented, celebrated, and empowered in the gaming industry.

With these values in mind, we organised a series of events over the last few months that we wanted to share with the wider Women in Games community.

In April, we held Spring Fling, a networking event in collaboration with Game Makers Iceland, the largest grassroot community of game makers in the country. We wanted to provide an avenue for networking in the gaming community, with a focus on women. We gathered a wide array of attendees, from gaming enthusiasts to game design students. This event was a great success, with  some exciting new connections being made!

Following the success of our women’s panel at Fanfest 2023, a player convention for CCP Games’ main IP EVE Online, we decided to hold a second panel at the CCP offices in May this year to highlight the amazing women in the company. Through this, we showed the diversity of careers that exist within the video games industry and highlighted some of the inspiring women that populate the field, overcoming any stereotypes that people might have when they think about people working on video games.

Our panelists came from diverse fields and professions. Amongst them were two senior quality assurance specialists, a game designer, a senior brand manager, a localisation manager, a community developer, and a lead engineer. We shared our professional journeys, the challenges and highlights of working in the industry, essential skills for success such as flexibility and the ability to communicate with different personalities, and how to find a mentor. More than 100 people attended the event, which was an incredible success for us! Organising such a panel in the middle of Innovation Week, a popular convention in Iceland, also helped us to get more visibility.

Our latest event was a presentation for 80 14-year-old girls as part of the ‘Stelpur og Tækni,’ initiative (Girls in ICT), a European organisation promoting technical fields to teenage girls. We presented CCP Games and what we do. Several women from different departments at CCP explained what their roles at the company are, and talked about their journey into working in gaming. Among the professions represented, we had a finance analyst, a front-end engineer, a data analyst, a community developer, a localisation manager, and a tools programmer. Our data analyst even presented her mathematics thesis (in Icelandic) on the Banach-Tarski paradox using oranges!

You can do it too!
If you’re wondering how to contribute to promoting women in gaming, there are many ways to get involved, even without organising large events. Most people just need a way to gather and connect. We recommend starting small by organising a meetup in a bar or café, for example. This is an easy and stress-free way to start building a community. When people come together, minds merge and even more ideas can be brought to life.

Do you feel that you don’t have the time or capacity right now to plan something by yourself but still want to contribute? Check if there are initiatives in your area that you could join and help promote. Perhaps a game jam organised by a small association or a meetup? It doesn’t even have to be specifically for women. If you are a woman or a non-binary person, just being present at those events is important and impactful. And if you are a man wanting to support women and non-binary people in gaming, being present for your female and non-binary colleagues and encouraging them is huge! Your presence at these events and becoming part of the community provides inspiration for others to join. Who knows who else will be at those events and who you will end up getting along with.

I am personally incredibly excited by the opportunities that these events have brought and hope there will be even more in the future. Being part of such a great group of women and contributing to making the gaming industry a safer space for women and non-binary folks makes me infinitely proud.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone at CCP Games who has participated in making these events possible!

Women in Games ambassadors at CCP:
Arna Kristín Sigurðardóttir
Meghann McGregor
Anna Guðbjörg Cowden
Julia Haidn
Kate Lindsay
Þorbjörg Sæmundsdóttir
Camille Faivre d’Arcier