We are delighted to announce that Women in Games Italia has become our first Affiliate organisation.

Women in Games Italia is a not-for-profit organisation which launched in 2018 to promote a more inclusive and diverse environment in Gaming, esports, VR, and digital entertainment.

The organisation’s over-riding mission is to facilitate access and ultimately increase the presence of women professionals in the games, esports, and wider IT industries in the Italian and European territories, as well support those already in the field through networking opportunities, mentoring programs, and education initiatives.

Over the past few years, WIG Italia has hosted and participated in many high profile events in games, esports and tech. Its network includes over 60 Italian gaming, tech, and esports professionals and an Advisory Board comprised of women working in games, advocates and diversity leaders.  Women in Games Italia has collaborated over the years with organisations and companies such as The European Parliament, the European Commission, the British Embassy in RomeThe Swiss Embassy in ItalyDIGRAESLIntelIIDEA Italian Interactive Digital Entertainment Association, PLB World, FIFA Ladies, and more.

A longtime ally of Women in Games, WIG Italia now becomes an official affiliate of our organisation.

Women in Games Italia’s Founder Micaela Romanini said: “As the founder of Women in Games Italia, I’m thrilled to join the European Associate Network programme of Women in Games. This partnership will reinforce our commitment to promoting gender equity and inclusion in the gaming industry in line with the standards and guidelines of our parent organisation, Women in Games. We are dedicated to collaborating with Women in Games to create a more equitable, inclusive, and diverse working environment for all gaming professionals across Italy and beyond.”

Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman added: “Women in Games has grown, developed and matured over the 20 years that it has been campaigning for gender equity and a fair playing field in the gaming space. 

“As part of our future vision, we are launching some exciting and extensive developments in our organisational structure. One of these developments is our Chapters and Associations Initiative which enables us to formalise our relationships with partners in different global areas and work more effectively to make the impacts required for positive change in the industry.

“The launch of the Women in Games Asia Chapter two years ago has been hugely successful, making a real difference to women working in games and esports in the region. We’re now welcoming Women in Games Italia as our first Associate, and look forward to sharing more information about our future plans for these developments of our organisation.”

To register an interest in the Women in Games Chapters and Associates Programme, click here – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/15UKMtGRkWdSWzICU7bKL7cNrQxSAIW5qi-Y8av-JqAM/edit