Your invitation to be a Celestial Partner in the Galaxy of the 2021 Women in Games Festival…

This year, Women in Games is bringing greater emphasis than ever before to collaboration, in a galaxy of events that will make up our 2021 Festival. In line with the Festival’s central themes of interconnectivity, we would like to invite you to take up an exciting new opportunity – sharing the immense power of networking, and producing a new way of working together to further our goals of bringing equality to the games and esports sectors.   

For the first time, we are inviting participants to hold satellite events during our global games Festival between September 6th and 18th this year. We would love to share the Festival space with our community, sister organisations and partners across the globe, enabling you and them to come together to celebrate the incredible contributions you are making to the world of games.

We hope you will take up this opportunity to show how you, or your organisation aligns with the goals of Women in Games, reaching our world-wide community with your own bespoke content. Would you like to highlight your work in diversity and inclusion? Mental health? Sustainability? Education? Safe and competitive play? Or is your focus on fashion? Health? Culture? Art? Cosplay? Streaming? VR or AI? 

Your Satellite Event can launch and orbit in a cosmic number of different ways! 

You might like to host a ‘coffee break’ as our global ambassadors have done, or present a talk, a workshop, explore storytelling, provide insight into digital art techniques, performances, writing methods – if you would like to share work that might often go unseen, we would like to provide you with the opportunity to showcase it in a satellite event. 

Whether you are an individual, belong to a group, organisation or a business – we would like to provide you with the opportunity to share what you do. Think of the Women in Games Galaxy as a space for your mini event that will contribute to developing a more creative, diverse and inclusive sector. There are so many possible ways to take part:

  • Broadcast an insightful webinar
  • Host a roundtable discussion
  • Live stream DJs or performance
  • Hold a meditation or yoga session
  • Invite delegates to live test your game
  • Offer careers advice and portfolio reviews
  • Hold a virtual Open Studio day
  • Host a virtual quiz or competition
  • Show off your Cosplay
  • Share your tips for competitive play

By presenting a Women in Games Galaxy Satellite Event, you will be able to position your content within the hugely influential Women in Games Festival – and it’s entirely free for you to get involved. Simply fill in the google form which can be found here to make your proposal

Contact us at to find out more.