We’re delighted to announce that FPS specialist 10 Chambers has joined the Women in Games Corporate Ambassador Programme.

The Stockholm studio is best known for its co-op game GTFO, which the company is still working along with a new, unannounced title. 10 Chambers is expanding and wants to encourage more women to join its team.

Ulf Andersson, Founder and Creative Director at 10 Chambers, (pictured) said: “10 Chambers becoming Ambassadors for Women in Games is not us saying we have been great at attracting women into the field – but we have a sincere ambition to do so. We have a plan in place, we’re working hard for it, and we want to partner with organisations like Women in Games to accelerate that plan further.”

Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman added: “It’s great to see a studio like 10 Chambers outline its ambitions to attract more women to its team – and to the games industry at large. We’re delighted to welcome 10 Chambers to our Corporate Ambassador Programme, and look forward to working with them going forward.”

To find out more about the Women in Games Corporate Ambassador Programme, email sponsorship@womeningames.org.