Our Mission

To establish a gaming industry, culture and community free from discrimination, where full equity of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers all girls and women, from all ethnicities, of all orientations, to achieve their full potential in the games and esports industries.

How We Get There

We achieve our mission through engagement with our 4 verticals of action: Policy, Education, Industry and Community –  We create initiatives and design materials, which inform government policy and change – We engage with the game industries and adjoining sectors, to make the case for gender equity and parity – We work with the educational sector and create  engaging educational initiatives –  We build communities of action, through multiple networks and channels, focussing efforts towards meaningful impacts.

Our Aspirations

We aspire to ‘Do the Right Thing’ and to help others do it too – We aspire to ‘Empower Females’ through activism and advocacy, support and mentorship – We aspire to help create ‘Better Organisations’ more women, at all levels, in the game industries will help realise more diverse, adaptable and resilient organisations – And this ‘Cultivates Creativity’ adding those diverse female perspectives means a boost of creativity and innovation, as we know, creativity and innovation add real value.

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