We are gearing up for our first event of 2023 – the Women in Games Careers, Development & Networking Expo, which takes place virtually on Thursday March 9th.

The Careers Expos are always extremely popular events in our annual calendar, providing our community with career advice and inspiration via our speaker sessions, along with the opportunity to meet with studios and other games companies who are currently hiring.

For 2023, we have tweaked the name of the event to also focus on Learning and Development, while we are also inviting and encouraging women from outside of the industry to attend and learn about the wide range of fantastic career opportunities available in the games.

Expo Area
A virtual expo area will allow delegates to talk directly to studios and other games companies about their career opportunities, and we are delighted that Team17 has already been confirmed to take part in this area of the event.

For the first time, Women in Games is providing a unique resource within the expo with the theme “no question too small” in order to introduce the breadth and variety of industry roles available. These discussion spaces will explore and highlight the rich diversity of roles across the sector such as: Production, Programming, Animation, Art & Design, Community Management and Marketing, QA and Localisation.

Learning & Development
Women in Games recognises that career development and learning is crucial: both to individuals and to a healthy work environment and culture. The Careers Expos will focus on career development as a uniting sphere of action for both individuals and businesses.

Why is the saying ‘if you’re not growing, you’re dying’ so powerful? A lack of consistent personal and career growth can mean a lack of work satisfaction. Career growth is the journey towards your big-picture career vision. It’s the way you move from your first job to eventually leading your own team or running your own company.

Women in Games recognises that this is important to individuals and matters for companies, too — a lack of opportunities for advancement is one of the top reasons people quit their jobs. If employee retention and engagement are important to you, prioritising career growth is a great place to focus.

Building those all-important connections and relationships with other professionals. It is central to developing a strong reputation, increased visibility, a solid support network, improved business growth, and more impactful relationships.

Once registered with a ticket at the Careers and Networking Expos you can set up direct meetings with delegates from all over the world throughout the day-long event.

Our Women in Games event platform offers a fantastic networking environment, which includes a playful roulette/speed-dating function that randomly matches you with others. You can chat for three minutes with the option to continue discussions and exchange contact details.

This event is free to attend – register here.

If you are a games studio or related company and are interested in meeting women and girls who are looking for new career opportunities, please contact sponsorship@womeningames.org