Whether it’s the leak of the alleged US Supreme Court decision to overturn the Roe vs Wade case – potentially meaning that millions of US women will be denied access to abortion rights and related healthcare.

Or, in the UK, anonymous Government sources accusing a female member of the opposition party of distracting the Prime Minister by ‘Basic Instinct’ techniques (wearing a skirt), and female MPs witnessing a Minister watching porn.

And, of course, the women in Ukraine who are fighting for their country; writing names and contact numbers on their children’s backs in ink in case they, themselves, are killed and their children are left alone; who are still sheltering in regions such as Mariupol; and who are facing rape and abuse.

While the world moves forward in terms of technology, medical advancements, communications and more, right now it feels like we are taking a step backwards when it comes to women’s rights, their safety and gender respect.

At Women in Games, our purpose is to build and maintain a fair, equal and safe environment empowering girls and women in the global gaming ecosystem and provide a supportive space for women and allies in games and esports. We give thanks to our Ambassadors, Corporate and Education Ambassadors, plus  professional partners, colleagues and friends throughout the industry for their contributions and engagement in working with us towards our goals. And we believe that, by all of us working and acting together, we can take tangible, real steps to achieving those goals.

But in the wider world, we must all acknowledge and demonstrate our resistance to the bigger issues that are facing women right now. We must stand together to protect women’s rights.

Here are some ways that you can have your say:





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