The Spanish Video Games Trade Association (AEVI) has launched the White Book on Accessibility for Developers.

The guide has been produced in collaboration with the Fundación ONCE, a Spanish organisation that provides international guidance one the inclusion of people with disabilities, and is available in English and Spanish.

José María Moreno, General Director of AEVI, said: “We want this publication to be the reference document for developers and video game studios that wish to make their titles more accessible so that they can resolve their doubts about the measures that benefit people with disabilities, as well as access instructions on how to implement them from a technical point of view.”

José Luis Martínez Donoso, General Director of the Fundación ONCE, offered: “White Paper on accessibility for developers will allow all agents involved in the creation of these products: analysts, designers, developers, testers, scriptwriters, marketing and advertising, among other professions and departments, to take into account the measures that ensure that video games reach the minimum level of accessibility, so that the greatest number of people can enjoy this ecosystem.”

Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO of Women in Games, added: “This is a great initiative by the AEVI and Fundación ONCE. Accessbility in games is an important issue and, while many studios want to make a difference to those gamers with disabilities, they often don’t know where to start. This White Paper will prove invaluable to them and we welcome its launch.”

The book can be downloaded free of charge here –