Ambassadors Only Event – 28th May

Women in Games’ exclusive Ambassadors Only Event, to be held on May 28th 2021, will provide a supportive, inspiring environment in which ambassadors can share the rich resources of knowledge and ideas embodied in their community. We will be using the networking potential of our online platform Hopin to connect and interact with amazing women who are a constant source of inspiration to each other and the wider world. 

Pushing for Change…

Being an ambassador for Women in Games means actively pushing for change, whether as an individual, a corporate or an education ambassador. This ecosystem of interconnected arms of the organisation enables women and their allies to work together to achieve equality of opportunity. Individual ambassadors, who now number almost 400,  alongside enlightened industry leaders and educational institutions are working together to change a landscape in need of radical overhaul. 

Women in Games’ Ambassadors’ diverse global community is determined to reject the inequalities that continue to prevail in the Games and eSports industries, and to speak out in support of a fair, inclusive working sector for women and those who identify as women. Women’s voices need to be heard, along with those of their allies, and Women in Games’ ambassador community, is in the business of asking important, provocative questions – 

Why, for example, wouldn’t an industry with the potential of the games and eSports sectors make the commercially intelligent decision of actively bringing womens’ talents and their voices to the production of games? 


The Ambassadors Only event will explore three central interconnected themes: 
Ambassadors as Advocates

During a series of interactive sessions and learning labs the focus of the event will be on demonstrating how women can be active advocates for equality in the games and eSports sectors. In our session ‘Organising Events’ for example, experienced ambassadors Dan Sun, Kah Hui and Renata Rapyo share their insights into how to offer opportunities for women to meet regularly and support one another. In practical ways, building on input from ambassadors themselves, women will share their knowledge and experiences of putting on events and finding inventive ways to make their voices heard. 

Building Confidence

To be present in support of equality takes confidence – so the Ambassadors Only event will focus on practical, pragmatic ways to build confidence through Learning Labs exploring presentation skills and resilience. As part of this approach, Jennifer Schneider of The Loved Object provides her Learning Lab ‘The Great Reset’, exploring how to understand and use self presentation to reflect individual identity. Framing is powerfully persuasive, and these sessions will focus on projecting confidence. 

Ambassadors in Action

In a section of the day dedicated to collaboratively creating opportunity, Gemma Johnson Brown, Ambassador Programme Director will present initiatives to support ambassadors as mentors, and Marie Claire Isaaman, Women in Games CEO, will invite the community to actively contribute to the Women in Games Festival, 2021, making it an outstanding opportunity to showcase women’s abilities and their creative power.  


The Ambassadors Only event will celebrate the power of its community to inspire and learn from a boundless knowledge base, with the aim of supporting ambassadors in their aspirations for bringing about an equal playing and working field. 

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