The Women in Games Global Awards have always been at the forefront of recognising and celebrating the remarkable achievements of women in games and esports. The event not only acknowledges individual accomplishments but also the studios and organisations that work tirelessly to promote gender inclusivity and diversity in the gaming world.

This year marks a special juncture for Women in Games as it undertakes a transformative approach to enhance the awards and make them even more inclusive and impactful. The Awards will not take place in 2023, as we are using this time as a period of reflection and evolution. We have recognised the need to re-evaluate the categories to celebrate the multi-faceted achievements of women and allies in games more comprehensively. By re-imagining the Women in Games Global Awards, the event will ensure that all aspects of the industry – from game design, development, marketing, to community engagement – and the endeavours of our global community have an equal opportunity to be showcased and acknowledged.

Awards should be more than just a ceremony; they should be a true celebration of excellence, an engaging experience, and a source of inspiration for the future. By using this time, Women in Games will meticulously curate an awards show that strikes the perfect balance between festivity and gravity. The objective is to make it a grand yet genuine reflection of the hard work, innovation, and determination of women in games and esports around the world.

While we have a community of Ambassadors and allies around the world, we would also like to host an event that has an in-person element, enabling  us to celebrate with our winners personally.

While 2023 will be a brief hiatus for the Women in Games Global Awards, it really is a preamble to a bigger and better celebratory event in 2024 that is also richer in meaning and impact, and aligns with the evolution of the games and esports sectors.

We look forward to sharing more information with you shortly. And if you have any suggestions for the Awards, we would be delighted to hear them. Simply email with the subject ‘Women in Games Global Awards’.