While our CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman and Co-Director & Director of Ambassadors Gemma Johnson-Brown were in Rome last month for the Checkpoint event, Director of Projects & Publications Sharon Tolaini-Sage headed to Switzerland for the Games Week Zurich Conference.

Sharon shared a platform with Maud Bleu of Women in Games France to address a very varied audience of game-developers, academics and innovators. Her talk was based around the Women in Games Guide: Building a Fair Playing Field, and ranged across the Spheres of Action that it encompasses.

In particular, Sharon addressed the issue of women’s under-representation in the industry as game-makers, and pointed out that while the percentage of women working in the industry is often quoted as growing, its current estimated number of 20-30%, does not provide any insight into how many women are in positions of influence over technical, decision-making and creative areas. She added that, in an industry where progress in women’s representation in general and transparency over salaries is almost non-existent, Women in Games’ work is of growing importance.

The call to take up the Guide and engage with it was very warmly received, and the need for Women in Games to continue its work through updating and publishing a new edition of the Guide was underlined by the general dismay at the continuing harassment, toxicity and misogyny pointed out in the discussion that followed the presentation.

Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman said: “We are grateful to the organisers of Games Week Zurich for giving Women in Games a platform to discuss the challenges our community is facing, and to highlight the Women in Games Guide. And thank you to Sharon for hosting what we understand was a very engaging and lively discussion.”