The upcoming Women in Games Annual Conference coincides with World Mental Health Day, as well as Ada Lovelace Day on Tuesday October 10th. So, it is an ideal opportunity for us to throw the spotlight on some of the biggest issues facing women in games: mental health, wellbeing, toxicity and harassment. And the Conference, which takes place virtually, provides an ideal platform and safe space where women can voice their concerns, challenges and aspirations.

Why This Focus?
Too often, women find themselves silenced or marginalised in a predominantly male-dominated environment. But not here. The Women in Games Annual Global Conference is taking a deliberate approach to tackle these pressing issues, providing a platform for many voices to be heard throughout the day. Every session poses a question, to which speakers will provide their answers and bringa multi-faceted approach to nuanced issues.

This emphasis also closely aligns with the spheres of action in the Women in Games Guide: Building A Fair Playing Field and the Women in Games Manifesto. The objective? To foster a sense of belonging, cultivate a safe space, and ensure that women are represented, protected, and valued in the gaming community.

Conference Spotlight Sessions

  1. Research/Toxicity & Harassment – The Glitch Mysoginoir Report
    How can we create safer experiences for Black women in game?
    Glitch’s Julia Slupska and Taylor Crain will provide a deep dive into Glitch’s groundbreaking research on digital Mysoginoir, shedding light on the unique challenges Black Women face and envisioning better futures in gaming.
  2. Ukie Roundtable: Achieving Psychological Safety
    What are the Challenges?
    Facilitator: Sarah Brewster (Fresh Seed) will facilitate a roundtable featuring Tracy Clark (SEGA Hardlight) and Mick Morris (Psyops) on the critical components of addressing mental wellbeing.
  3. What Does a Typical Career in Online Safeguarding Look Like?
    Roblox’s Laura Higgins bridges the gap between online and offline realms, emphasising the potential of invaluable knowledge creation and exchange.
  4. Accountability and Repair: A New Framework in Addressing Toxicity?
    Eve Crevoshay, CEO of Take This, unpacks her perspective on proactive ways to counteract threats to mental health in the gaming arena.
  5. How Can We Create Safer Online Spaces?
    Sharon Fisher and Leah MacDermid from Keywords Studios delve into the superhero moderator wellbeing programme at Keywords, exploring its pivotal role in promoting safe gaming communities and ensuring fairness for women.

Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman said: “By highlighting these essential sessions and focusing on mental wellbeing, toxicity, and harassment, we are not only addressing the pressing challenges of the games sector, but also ensuring that every voice, especially those of women, is heard. It’s not just about representation; it’s about creating an environment of mutual respect, safety, and progress.”

To be part of this transformative dialogue and join hands with us in shaping a fairer gaming ecosystem, register now for the Women in Games Annual Conference –