Women in Games is spotlighting the companies who support our organisation as Corporate Ambassadors, showcasing the work that they are doing themselves and examining the reasons why aligning with our values is important to them. Here we talk to Jen Flannery, Talent Acquisition Business Partner at Kwalee

Let’s start off by discussing your past career experience, and why you wanted to get involved in Women in Games.
So, this is my first job in games. I worked in education for a while, and I also spent some time in the retail industry. The company that I worked for previously was 95% women, so moving across to games is a very different environment, especially being very dominated by men. But it’s been very welcoming and I am really enjoying it. One of the things I wanted to do was to get involved with Women in Games purely because of my previous experiences, especially as I’m working in talent acquisition.

How does Kwalee’s mission align with Women in Games’ goals and why do you support the organisation’s mission for inclusivity in gaming?
At Kwalee, our mission is to create enjoyable games for a diverse global audience. We value inclusivity and accessibility for all players, irrespective of gender identity. Supporting Women in Games aligns with Kwalee’s commitment to fostering inclusivity in the gaming industry. It’s essential that we support Women in Games’ work as it mirrors our dedication to making games that resonate with players of all backgrounds and identities, reinforcing the belief that there’s no one ‘type’ of gamer.

How has Women in Games contributed to the support and empowerment of women and girls in the fields of gaming and esports?
In the UK, 51% of gamers are female, yet the games industry’s workforce comprises only 22% women, indicating a significant under-representation. They also advocate for fundamental rights, such as fair compensation and flexible work arrangements, and strive to establish a secure and inclusive working environment. By highlighting the industry’s gender diversity challenges and championing these causes, Women in Games contributes substantially to the support and empowerment of women and girls in gaming and esports, fostering a more equitable and inclusive future.

Why do you believe that active support and advocacy for women and other under-represented groups is crucial for companies like Kwalee?
Here at Kwalee, we firmly believe that diversity, encompassing varying perspectives, backgrounds, and life experiences, is essential for innovation and creativity. The recent McKinsey & Company report signals a positive shift, with women having 48% of entry-level roles in the industry by the close of 2022. This progress is encouraging, but there is more work to be done, and games studios like Kwalee are committed to progress.

At Kwalee, our support for women and under-represented groups isn’t about box ticking, it’s rooted in the belief that a diverse team makes us collectively stronger. We aspire to create an inclusive workplace where all voices are valued, enriching our games and fostering fairness for all. On a personal note, as Kwalee’s Ambassador for Women in Games, I’ve witnessed the challenges many women face in the gaming industry, and myself and Kwalee are determined to be part of the solution, demonstrating that women are integral to the gaming world and should wholeheartedly believe in their contributions.

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