We’re delighted that the team behind Develop:Brighton has contacted Women in Games to encourage our community to submit speaker sessions. Make your voice heard!

The Develop:Brighton conference is all about offering high quality sessions with practical take-away and vocational content so that delegates can ‘skill-up’ and make even better games.

So, whether you’re from the biggest studio or a micro indie, whatever your background and whatever your experience, if you have an idea for a talk on anything game dev related – from Agile production to AI-generated content or narrative game design to monetisation strategies – then Develop:Brighton wants to hear from you.

The organisers said: “We are keen to find new, diverse voices to join our speaker line-up and we’d like to encourage more women working in game dev to submit a proposal for a talk. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never spoken before, we can provide support and an experienced mentor to help you prepare your presentation and guide you through the process. All you need is a good idea!”

Speaker submissions are open until February 24th.

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