The Real Virtual Beauty campaign by Dove, in association with Women in Games and Epic Games, is stirring up emotions, with the ‘Cinthia’s Battle’ video being widely shared across social channels.

Dove launched the campaign late last year in a bid to create a more representative, inclusive environment for women and girls playing games online. It followed research by Dove which shows that 73% of girl gamers believe lack of diversity is an issue in games. The brand’s study also revealed that 60% of girls feel the current lack of diversity in avatars and characters has a negative effect on their self-esteem, and 74% wish women characters in video games looked more like women in real life.

Leading advertising journal The Drum listed it as one of its top ads recently, with the campaign notching up many column inches elsewhere too.

Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman said: “We were very happy to partner with Dove and Epic Games on this initiative. Representation in games is so important, and we applaud Dove for creating such a powerful campaign.”

If you’ve not yet seen the ad, you can watch it here: