Congratulations to our Corporate Ambassador Dovetail Games for launching its Understanding Menopause programme.

The initiative was introduced last month, with a Menopause Policy shared across the studio, along with awareness sessions for both managers and for those experiencing or approaching menopause. A support group has also been established which will meet regularly.

Dovetail Games has reported a great response from its teams…

“This information has been really well received by our employees. We had 19 managers attend the manager awareness session and, whilst the majority were male and it could have been a really tough topic, all were really engaged with discussion and questions.  The session covered what menopause was and the signs and symptoms to look out for, along with what they could do to support direct reports and colleagues. We also looked at the impact on the business if not supported in the right way such as increased sickness absence, resignations and employment tribunals. 

“The session directed at anyone approaching or experiencing menopause was really giving these employees the avenue to open up and talk about their own experiences and know there are others in the business who they can share with and go to for support. We are keeping this group going to come together on a regular basis and support each other.

“We also ran a general awareness session for all other employees wanting to know more. Menopause affects everyone, not just those going through it. Everyone knows someone impacted whether it be a parent, partner, family member, friend or colleague.

“Following these sessions, we will be rolling out some more information that people can access at any time over the next couple of weeks and we will also follow up with another awareness session for anyone who missed it.”

Dovetail Games has provided some key facts on the menopause and the workplace:

  • The majority of women reach menopause between 45 and 55
  • Some can experience this earlier due to medical reasons
  • 90% of working women say it impacts their work
  • 20% of women are estimated to leave their career as a result of menopause
  • 51% reduce working hours due to exhaustion – many will be looking after children or elderly relatives
  • 30% of women have taken sick leave because of symptoms, but only a quarter of them felt able to tell their manager the real reason

We salute Dovetail Games for raising awareness of an issue that will affect all women.

And for more information, visit the International Menopause Society here

Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash