A new report by recruitment specialist Skillsearch has thrown up some interesting stats on what the global games force wants when it comes to working environments and support, as well as confirming our suspicions about the gender pay gap.

The Salary and Satisfaction Survey 2023 is the ninth report from the company, with this year’s key findings including:

  • The average UK salary has increased by over £9,000 from 2022
  • 79% of respondents would actively seek out a studio offering a four-day work week
  • 42% disclosed that they are considering looking for a new job to find a studio offering better employee support due to the cost of living crisis
  • There is an average global gender pay gap of over £8,000

The survey of 2,338 global respondents is broken down by region and the questions breached topics including salary transparency, job hunting expectations, most valued aspects of work, most wanted benefits, the four-day working week, the cost of living crisis, conditions, education and recruitment processes.

Other findings include:

  • 92% of respondents expect to work one or more days remotely per week in 2023
  • 46% of respondents will be or are considering job hunting in 2023
  • Work/life balance is consistently cited as one of the most important aspects of work
  • Financial remuneration is regularly cited as the top reason respondents are considering looking for a new job

Skillsearch’s Director of Games and Interactive Giles Fenwick offered: “We hope to make the industry a more equitable and better place to work by not only promoting transparency in the areas we research, but by actively providing the data which allows this transparency.”

The full report can be viewed here.