Welcome to Women in Games in 2022! I hope you had a restful and joyful festive break – and a Happy New Year from all of the team here. We’re very much looking forward with positivity and optimism to the year ahead.

You won’t hear us talking about resolutions though – we know that women in games and esports are constantly improving themselves, pushing themselves forward and fighting hard to achieve their ambitions. Rather, we are pledging to a series of goals and intentions for 2022, for ourselves, our community and women everywhere in games and esports.

To say no to toxicity and the harassment of women
Sadly, in 2021 we saw more reports of toxic behaviour within studios, as well as continued harassment of women online. Women in Games will make the stamping out of harassment a priority in 2022 – calling out those companies who tolerate a toxic environment; supporting survivors of harassment; educating studios on how to create welcoming corporate cultures; and working with other organisations to improve conditions for all under-represented groups in games and esports.

To address the pay gap problem
Games studios and other businesses are now under scrutiny to ensure that there is a clear parity when it comes to renumerating men and women. But women are often shy of asking for promotions and pay rises. Our aim is to empower more women in games and esports, via talks and panel sessions at our Annual Conference and Careers & Networking Expos, and also via peer-to-peer discussions and mentoring through our vibrant social media channels. We want to give women everywhere the confidence to ask for what they deserve.

To nurture future and upcoming talent
Our portfolio of Corporate Ambassador supporters grew significantly in 2021, as did our Individual Ambassador Programme – now powered by Keywords Studios. At the same time, our connections with universities have strengthened, allowing us to work with our Education Ambassadors to help them to support their students.

But we want to go further, and to that end we will be rolling out a new initiative in 2022 to support young girls – gamers and esports enthusiasts who are looking for guidance, advice and support on how to forge a career in these sectors. Watch this space to find out more about this exciting new programme to nurture young talented women around the world.

To reach women in games and esports in every corner of the globe
Women In Games is already a global organisation. We have Ambassadors in over 50 countries, and the data from our most recent events has revealed a steep upward curve of delegates attending from outside of Europe. That we have hosted our Annual Conference and Careers & Networking Expo across three time zones has undoubtedly helped.

However, again, we want to go further. We are already engaging with groups in a number of territories who want to work with, and evangelise, Women in Games. And, as you’ll see from our article elsewhere in this newsletter, our 2022 Women in Games Global Awards will have an increased focus on celebrating talent in all regions of the world.

In short, 2022 will see Women in Games once again step up its activities and activism as part of our ongoing mission to support women and girls in games and esports; to empower them; and to establish a space where they are free of discrimination. We are excited about our goals and intentions and look forward to sharing this journey with you throughout this new year.

And if I were to suggest some goals for you all, they would simply be:-

  • Demand more – speak up about that pay rise or promotion; your male colleagues will/would/have
  • Trust your own abilities – stop worrying, kill the imposter syndrome
  • Write your own story for 2022 and beyond – and use events like the upcoming Careers & Networking Expo to help you achieve your goals
  • Support other women – believe in the Power of the Pack

Here’s to an empowering 2022 for women in games and esports everywhere!

Pic credit: Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash