Women in Games is delighted to welcome the International Esports Federation as our newest Corporate Ambassador.

The International Esports Federation is a global organisation based in South Korea whose mission it is to have esports recognised as a legitimate sport.

Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO of Women in Games offered: “As esports continues to grow as a popular activity, spectator sport and, indeed, as a business, so indeed has Women in Games’ commitment to supporting women, and those identifying as women, across all areas of the esports world. We recognise and applaud the IESF’s goal of ‘legitimising’ esports, and we are very pleased to have them onboard as a Women in Games Corporate Ambassador.”

Ana Karakolevska, Marketing Manager at the International Esports Federation, added: “IESF is the home for the World Esports Family and we are delighted to make a change in the ecosystem together with Women in Games. We are shaping the future policies of Esports, uniting the world and levelling up gender equality. Being a woman in gaming myself, I am looking forward to our joint projects, and to presenting a good role model to all young women”.

To find out more about becoming a Corporate Ambassador, email