An international talent agency is looking to help women voiceover artists get a foot on the ladder in the games industry.

Founded in 1996, Excellent Talent has developed a reputation for providing some of the best talent to a wide range of creative clients in the UK and across the globe.

The company recognised early on that the voiceover industry did not use technology to its advantage. As the industry picked up, and needed access to reels outside of regular office hours, Excellent Talent moved online, instead of waiting on couriers to deliver a batch of cassette tapes. Countless other agencies followed suit, allowing the sector in general to become more efficient, making life easier for both talent and clients across the industry.

25 years later, and the agency has successfully launched both a Presenter’s Division, and even more recently an Acting Division.

And two years ago, CEO Bonnie Nordling purchased Excellent Talent, which meant that the company became a full female-led company. “Since then, we have made it our personal mission to help fellow women in the industry. Over these past two years, we have specifically built a strong video game clientele, which has enabled us to help further our talents careers. All of us here at Excellent grew up playing video games and have an established connection and passion to this particular side of the industry. So the fact that we now get to help women voiceover artists book jobs in the gaming world, is a dream.”

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