The Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE) has just launched the #SeizeTheControls initiative, which aims to help parents understand how to manage responsible gameplay.

The trade body has collaborated with the Better Internet for Kids project on the initiative and has the support of individual organisations across Europe, including (Austria), Speelhetslim (Belgium), Pelli Vikko (Finland), (France), Eltern Ratgeber Computerspiele (Germany), Tutto Sui VideoGiochi (Italy), RuleTheGame (Netherlands), Zapytaj o Gry (Poland), AEPDV (Portugal), Despre Jocuri Video (Romania), The Good Gamer (Spain), Dataspelsbranschen (Sweden), PlaySmart (Switzerland) and Ask About Games (UK).

At the heart of the initiative is a dedicated portal which contains information about PEGI, parental control tools, our national education and information campaigns and it helps parents become acquainted with in-game reporting tools.

“Millions of young people in Europe play video games, and we know that many parents are looking for information on how they can manage their children’s play. We’re delighted to see initiatives such as these – to raise awareness, and encourage both players and parents to #SeizeTheControls – so that gameplay can be a safe, rewarding, enjoyable and positive experience,” said Hans Martens, Head of Digital Citizenship at European Schoolnet, leading the Better Internet for Kids project.

Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman offered: “Many parents are still unsure about their children playing games and are concerned about the implications of them being in online spaces. So, we fully endorse ISFE’s #SeizeTheControls campaign and hope that this initiative can be amplified to offer reassurance to any with caring responsibilities for children.”

Photo by Stillness InMotion on Unsplash