On International Women’s Day during this Women’s History Month, I’m reflecting on what it means to me. As CEO of Women in Games, every day is Women’s Day! It’s central to my professional life and at the heart of my personal interests.

Publicly the day is important in bringing sharp focus and attention to equal rights for women, for addressing persistent societal challenges for girls and women and also to celebrate women, in all their diversities and intersections of faith, race, ethnicity, gender or sexual identity, or disability.

The day falls in Women’s History Month, which since March 1987 celebrates the often-overlooked contributions of women in history, society, and culture.

For me it means reflecting on ‘our’ history and being hopeful for the future. The women who came before us fought hard for social, political, economic and cultural equity, for fairness in a patriarchal society and we must honour and continue that work.

Here are three ways you can help us to do that work…

1. Make a donation and help Women in Games to continue creating new initiatives and hosting vital events for our community. Women in Games is a not-for-profit organisation and most of the work we do, and the initiatives and opportunities we create for women and girls, is free at the point of access for our community. We rely on the generosity of our sponsors and supporters, and your donation will help our work, which includes:

  • Creating safe spaces for girls and women, both in the workplace and online
  • Career development – practical advice and introductions to recruiters
  • Free and low-cost events to bring our community together for learnings & inspiration
  • The launch of additional Women in Games Global Chapters
  • Vital networking events that allow women at all levels to meet
  • Development of our Creative Leadership Labs initiative
  • Data and measuring diversity impact

To donate and find our more about what your donation means to Women in Games, click here.

2. Sign up your company to become a Women in Games Corporate Ambassador. If you’re not already part of our corporate community, this programme provides studios and companies with opportunities to engage with multiple initiatives, activities, events, research opportunities, awards and showcasing talent. And allows your company to work directly with Women in Games to support our collective community.

3. Highlight to your teams the opportunity to become a Women in Games Individual Ambassador – and look at the programme yourself, if you haven’t already. We are honoured to have over 1,000 Ambassadors, encompassing women, girls and allies, in 70 countries worldwide who are supporting our work and evangelising Women in Games’ goals and mission.

By supporting Women in Games on International Women’s Day, you are providing support to women, girls and allies in games and esports around the world. Help us to make a difference to them all.