Women in Games Corporate Ambassador Team17 is hiring for a number of roles.

Senior Social Media Manager –

Brand Marketing Manager –

Console Programmer –

Senior Producer –

Producer –

Dev Ops Engineer –

Here’s what the company says about is culture and its hiring process:

Team17 is made up of savvy and inventive people who care about the games we make and the developers who we collaborate with. Our environment is team-driven, where talented developers from across the world can discover, share and create together. Although we love making great games, we also like to take time out together to enjoy events, celebrate game launches and various occasions throughout the year.

Interviewing can be intimidating – we’ve been there as well, and want to make the process relaxed, fun and relevant for you. Once we meet, we’ll go through your questions for us and our questions for you. Team17 is an equal opportunities employer with a commitment to building a diverse workforce, representative of the world we live and game in! We can provide reasonable adjustments during our recruitment processes from audio support to extra time on assessments. Should you require adjustments or flexible arrangements to interview or take up a role at Team17, please let us know in the notes section of your application and be reassured that this will not affect your application.