There may be chocolates, mince pies and other festive treats ahoy across the Women in Games community, but we are busy preparing the 2023 calendar of events to support and engage women and girls in games and esports around the world.

As ever, career opportunities and growth remain key priorities for us, but this year our Careers & Networking Expo events will also encompass ‘Development’, providing an additional focus on learning and training, of both hard and soft skills.

New for 2023 will be the Women in Games Investment & Entrepreneurship Forum, a one-day event which will support women who are looking to grow their games businesses – but are struggling to gain support from investors and other potential partners. This is an important area for Women in Games, with research showing that women-led companies attract just a fraction of investment of that awarded to businesses headed up by men. Our Forum will provide invaluable guidance and learnings via a series of speaker and panel sessions, but – importantly – will give women in our community to meet up with investors, publishers and other potential partners.

This year’s Ambassador Only Event is generously supported by Keywords Studios who ‘Power’ our Individual Ambassador Programme. Our Individual Ambassador Programme continues to grow and thrive with over 1,000 individuals in 70 countries. This event is for them and focuses on providing inspiration, learning & development and  outstanding networking for this fantastic community of people.

In May we are engaging with another fantastic community of people that align with our work, our Corporate Ambassadors for a Networking Event, a first event of its kind, launching in London, UK, with plans for roll out in other regions in the future.

We’ll be heading back to Brighton for the Develop Conference where we’ll be hosting our popular Fizz & Cake event (we’re promised that the room won’t require you to bring personal fans – if you know, you know…). And we’re delighted to reveal that the fab team behind WASD have invited us to host a similar event during their two-day conference and expo. More details will be shared soon.

A Games Jam in collaboration with Dove, following the launch of the Real Virtual Beauty campaign, will be taking place. And Women in Games is collaborating with our Individual Ambassadors programme partner Keywords Studios, as well as ISFE, to host meet-ups during Gamescom.

And, of course, the Women in Games Annual Conference, and Women in Games Global Awards will return in 2023.

We have a busy year lined up for our community. Here are the dates for your diary:

Our Top Ten Calendar of Women in Games Events For 2023

Women in Games proudly presents a hybrid collection of exciting core events for 2023

# 1
March 9: Women in Games Careers, Development & Networking ExpoGlobal, Online @ WIG Hopin Platform

# 2
March 30: Women in Games @ W.A.S.D. Fizz & Cake – In-person, London, UK  

# 3
April 27: Women in Games Individual Ambassador Only Event – Powered by Keywords Studios. Global, Online @ WIG Hopin Platform

# 4
May TBC: Women in Games X Dove, Games Jam – Global Access Online

# 5
May 4th: Women in Games Corporate Ambassador Networking Event – In-person, London, UK

# 6
July 12: Women in Games @ DEVELOP Fizz & Cake, In-person, Brighton, UK 

# 7
August 23 – 27: Women in Games @ GamesCom, Cologne, DE. In-person events with: WIG X ISFE, WIG X Keywords Studios and the WIG Ambassadors Collective 

# 8
September 20 – 21: Women in Games Annual Conference – Global, Online @ WIG Hopin Platform

 # 9
October 6: Women in Games Awards – Exclusive In-person Event, Streamed Globally, London, UK 

# 10
November 9: Women in Games Careers, Development & Networking ExpoGlobal, Online @ WIG Hopin Platform

Photo by Behnam Norouzi on Unsplash