We are heartbroken that our friend and ally Lizzie Wilding has passed away after a brief battle against colon cancer.

She is survived by her husband Sam and their children Zoe, Billy, Lucy, Robert and Jacob, her mother, uncle and grandfather.

Wilding had been at Dovetail Games for more than five years, originally as vice president of publishing before leading in a new role in commercial operations last year.
Her vocal advocacy for support for menopause was the driving force behind Dovetail Games’ new Menopause policy. In April Lizzie wrote an internal article for Colon Awareness month stating: “A special note for anyone lucky enough to have a uterus. Once you hit 40, pretty much anything can be matched against oncoming menopause or similar. Sometimes, it isn’t that. Don’t make assumptions and don’t allow doctors an easy ‘out’, with peri menopause symptoms being similar to more nefarious illnesses.  Statistically doctors do a great job in matching what is most likely – sometimes you can be an outlier, and that needs a bit more firm management.”

Prior to Dovetail Games, she worked primarily in marketing and community positions at PlayStation, Jagex, Codemasters, NaturalMotion, Gremlin Interactive, and spent over eight years in various roles at Electronic Arts.

Lizzie was also an enthusiastic and active Women in Games and just last year inspired us all with her talk at the Ambassador Only event about how to cultivate resilience as a foundation for self-confidence.

You can watch her talk here.

Lizzie will be greatly missed by all who knew her at Women in Games and in the wider industry.