Mobile gaming is soaring in popularity as the ‘go to’ for women of all ages for relaxation, stress relief and mental stimulation, according to new global research commissioned by US studio GameHouse.

GameHouse commissioned Pollfish to survey over 800 US and UK consumers aged 18 to 65 about their interests, passions, how they spend their ‘me time’ and how mobile gaming factors into this.

The results revealed that 75% of women are playing mobile games ‘once to several times a day’, with more than 67% of those surveyed saying that mobile gaming is a vital part of their downtime or ‘me time’. When asked specifically how they like to spend their ‘me time’, across the board, respondents of all ages said they choose mobile gaming as a key way to relax and relieve stress, with 73% of 35-44 year-old women playing mobile games during their ‘me time’.

GameHouse CEO Simonetta Lulli Gomez said: “As a company we are on a mission to design games around female gaming preferences and to encourage women to take their ‘me time’ and enjoy it. GameHouse has an unrivalled heritage of the past 25 years in creating the type of games that women engage with the most.

“We believe that our casual mobile and PC gaming experiences, with strong, relatable characters and story narrative, provide the perfect escape from day-to-day commitments, an opportunity to unwind and recharge your batteries.”

Photo by Brittani Burns on Unsplash