The brilliant team behind Women in Games Asia has been incredibly busy since the launch of the Chapter in May this year, and we’re delighted to showcase some of the initiatives here…

W Coffee Sessions
After the formation of the Women in Games Asia Chapter, the team decided to continue with its W Coffee sessions (which were what led them to launching Women in Games Asia): “Respecting the platform for the safe space and open communication, we felt it only right to introduce our community to the Asia Chapter Leadership team and then continue our sessions on a monthly basis. With our Community Manager Sonia Ashraf at the helm, we have been raising different topics and having multiple women, experts in their specialties, touch upon different topics while opening the floor for our attendees to raise their voice as well.”

Gamers Change Lives Podcast
WIG Asia Partnerships Managers Chantal Ortega and Miao Zhang were invited to be guests on the season finale of the Gamers Change Lives Podcast. The interview centered on sharing the mission of Women in Games and the story of establishing its Asia Chapter by 10 ambitious girls who are devoted to helping more women to achieve dreams in the gaming industry. The podcast also covered topics like how to promote women’s role in leadership, and resources or communities for women who want to be leaders.
Listen to it here.

Launch of WIGA LinkedIn page
WIG Asia launched its LinkedIn page in August. The page is run by PR & Communications managers Fida Zourob and Zoe Cheung. It is the major communication channel for WIG Asia to update and connect with professionals in gaming, and also with the public. On this page, WIG Asia will share the updates of its events including the regular sessions of W Coffee and various special initiatives.

Fida Zourob at Insomnia Gaming Festival
WIG Asia PR & Communications Manager Fida (pictured) has represented the Chapter for the first time at August’s Insomnia Gaming Festival. The Festival featured a major esports tournament, cosplay competitions, and hundreds of exhibitors showcasing the latest games and hardware. After the event ended, she created a blog article to share tips and advice with other industry professionals and gamers.

The Women in Games Annual Conference
Dan Sun and Janni Jensen were invited to present the Women in Games Asian Chapter and the initiatives surrounding Women in Games and Esports in Asia. Through the session, they shared the challenges, opportunities and actionable solutions that women in the Asian Collective and Gaming ecosystem commonly face. A few of the topics discussed included the sensitivity of feminism in Asia, gaming as a career not being visible in the region, and the lack of development resources available to women and girls pursuing their gaming journey or career.

Meanwhile, Kah Hui Teo shared her experience as an Individual Women in Games Ambassador and the journey of setting up the Women in Games Asia Chapter.

Kah Hui Teo at the Meta Play Forward women in gaming event
WIG Asia Chapter co-director Kah Hui was invited to the Facebook Gaming Play Forward event in August, held at the Meta APAC HQ. A panel of female leaders shared their commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and discussed how the gaming industry can change to be more inclusive, and how to inspire the next generation of women.

Upcoming events
Women in Games Asia will be hosting a panel at gamescom asia on October 21st in Singapore. The panel will be focused on the role of leaders in advancing gender inclusivity and equality in the games industry. WIG Asia has invited women leaders to discuss the gender inclusivity in the games industry, with a focus on Asia. The panel will review data on women representation in the Asia games industry and provide opinions on how organisations will benefit from gender inclusivity.