Last month games trade organisations around the world – including our Corporate Ambassador Video Games Europe – came together to publish the Power of Play report, providing important insights into video games’ social and emotional benefit.

Published to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Day, nearly 13,000 players (aged 16 and older) across 12 countries – Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, South Korea, Spain, the UK and the US – were surveyed for the report, which was jointly commissioned by Video Games Europe and associations in Australia, Canada, South Korea and the USA.

The Power of Play Report includes the following insights into why​ people play​ video games​​​​​:

  • To have fun: 70% in the UK, 69% globally; 68% in Europe;
  • For stress relief: 87% in the UK, 71% globally; 68% in Europe;
  • To avoid isolation and loneliness: 68% in the UK, 55% globally; 53% in Europe;

Besides having a positive impact on mental health, video games were also shown to have other benefits with surveyed players believing that it has improved their: 

  • Creativity: 75% in the UK, 73% globally; 73% in Europe;
  • Problem-solving skills: 87% in the UK, 69% globally; 66% in Europe;
  • Cognitive Skills: 73% in the UK, 69% globally, 68% in Europe,
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills: 73% in the UK, 69% globally, 68% Europe,

Important benefits in resilience, communication, language​ skills​, adaptability, interest in ​learning ​STEM​ subjects​, conflict resolution,​ and​ ​​inclusion and cultural awareness were also identified by respondents to the survey.

Simon Little, CEO of Video Games Europe said:  “At their core, video games are designed to be fun. But they also have the power to foster connection, community and creativity, which are vital to maintaining positive mental health. [The] Power of Play report, released to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Day, reminds us that, when enjoyed as part of a balanced lifestyle, the impact of video games is overwhelmingly positive and universal.” 

You can download the full report here – Power of Play UK report – Oct 2023.pdf

Photo by Samantha Sophia on Unsplash