Women in Games Corporate Ambassador has introduced six-month returnship programme for experienced professionals who are considering renewing a career in games.

The move follows a similar initiative by parent company WB Games, the programme has been opened with the intention to provide full-time employment opportunities to anyone looking to resume a career following a long term career break for personal circumstances such as (but not limited to) full-time caregiving.

The London studio offered: “At Rocksteady we are excited to be part of the WB Games Returnship programme because we appreciate the skills you can offer, the perspective you provide, and the contributions you will make. This programme offers you a chance to revamp your skills, update your resume with new experience, and make connections with others transitioning back to the workforce. It also offers learning and support to empower people to transition back to the paid workforce.

“We are looking to offer three Returnship opportunities within the following Code departments: Gameplay, Engine, Tools, SDET (test automation and testing tools) and Dev Ops. Our Gameplay, Engine and SDET teams primarily work in a production codebase written in C++. Our Tools and Dev Ops teams use a broader mix of technologies, including C++, Python and C#.”

Click here to find out more and to apply for the Returnship Programme.