Women in Games Corporate Ambassador and one of the biggest names in games dev outsourcing, Room 8 Group is opening new offices in Europe.

At the same time, the Group has outlined a major humanitarian initiative to support the victims of the war in Ukraine – put simply, it will pledge all net profits achieved in 2022 to support Ukraine and its refugees.

With over ten years in the industry, Room 8 Group has sites in the US, UK, Canada, Cyprus and Ukraine, plus a recently opened office in Poland, uniting over 1,200 professionals worldwide. The company is now planning to open new divisions in Spain and Romania.

Room 8 Group comprises Room 8 Studio, Dragons Lake, and Massive Black. Room 8 Studio and Dragons Lake have had a long-term global presence in Ukraine – and are currently resisting Russia’s invasion.

The Group offers: “Room 8 Group stands with Ukraine from the first day of the tragedy, showing their responsibility to society in a series of good deeds, humanitarian and financial aid. Also, the Group has set a big goal – to direct all 2022 net profits to support the programs targeted at rebuilding and developing independent Ukraine and helping Ukrainian refugees. Room 8 Group has already donated nearly GBP 130,000 to the humanitarian needs of Ukraine. It is also working on volunteering initiatives where each company specialist can take action and contribute personally.

The game development community has always been a place for unity and mutual support, and now is the time to show it again. Therefore, Room 8 Group calls on all creative minds to raise people’s awareness about the tragedy in Ukraine. It also reminds everyone that creating top-notch games with Room 8 Group means not only production of well-known titles but also contributing to helping and rebuilding Ukraine.”