Women in Games Corporate Ambassador Room 8 Group continues to expand by opening a new QA service line in Eastern Europe.

The quality assurance team will be headed up by Maria-Octavia Vasilescu, who has risen through the ranks in the games industry, starting as a tester and later learning about QA, before becoming a manager. When she joined the QA department, she was just one of two or three women in the team compared to up to 60 men. Maria-Octavia has happily seen a significant change in those statistics over the years, with a hiring process that is helping to see better representation of women within the team.

With years of identifying and setting appropriate quality standards and parameters for products, communicating them to the QA team, and coordinating product testing processes, Maria-Octavia has strong expertise that she is planning to apply in establishing a significant QA service for Room 8.

The QA service line will be one more independent brand within the Room 8 Group. It is also hiring. Currently the QA team members are from Romania and Poland with around 200 staff expected by the end of 2022. The ambitions are then to grow by some 2,000 people each year, recruiting from other locations across Europe.