Questions of Disruption: Prospecting & Imagining in the Battle for our Future

The Women in Games Annual Conference will return once again this autumn, taking place on Ada Lovelace Day on Tuesday October 10th via the online Hopin platform.

The theme this year is Questions of Disruption: Prospecting & Imagining in the Battle for our Future.

Facing the Important Challenges:
Our conviction is that ‘business as usual’ for diversity in the sector cannot and should not continue. Current gender inequality, lack of fairness and toxicity issues blight the games and esports industry.

Asking the Important Questions:
How can we bring about and accelerate structural change?

How can we work collaboratively to create a games and esports industry that can out-do any other in the tech sector in terms of its reputation and willingness to embrace fundamental, ethical values?

At Women in Games, we believe it’s time to disrupt the status quo; to prospect and imagine in the battle for the future of the games industry. Lack of fairness, representation and opportunity continue to be pressing issues that hold back what should be the most progressive of the tech industries.

Our purpose at the Conference is to positively confront the challenges by creating and sharing knowledge about how to disrupt the norms that are holding back the industry. The Conference will frame its theme by asking direct questions – a vital part of the process of constructively disrupting the status quo in order to prospect – to look forward – and build a better, progressive future.

Speakers will pose questions, and seek answers, around spheres of action such as fairness, wellbeing, toxicity and harassment, entrepreneurship, talent development, education, diverse creative representation, advocacy and awareness, research and data collection, community building, and industry collaboration.

How to get involved:
Tickets will be available shortly, so please keep an eye on our social media channels to find out more.

If you are a games or esports organisation, there are a multitude of ways you can support us as a sponsor.  By aligning your brand with Women in Games, you demonstrate your dedication to diversity, inclusivity, and creating a safe and empowering environment for women in gaming.

Join us in embracing this remarkable opportunity to shape the future of the industry. Find out more by emailing

Photo by Eden Constantino on Unsplash