Somerset House Studios hosts series of games and interactive storytelling events

Mutant Promise, the producing and artist development agency is presenting a series of three events looking at video games, interactive storytelling and the audio environments they allow us to inhabit.

The events will take place live and digitally on November 20th and November 27th at Somerset House Studios.

Mutant Promise aims to empower creatives and has invited innovative technologists to host a panel and a workshop to create new learning experiences focusing on gaming. 

Kicking off on November 20th is Lucia Chung‘s, the Taiwanese experimental artist will host an online panel with Lisa Devon, James B Stringer, and Christos Michalakos discussing the crossover of experimental electronic music and video game music. The panel discussion will be live-streamed via Somerset House Studios Twitch and YouTube.

On the morning of November 27th, creative computing artist Jazmin Morris will present an online on representation in cyberspace. In this online session Jazmin Morris asks: who are the gatekeepers of knowledge, and what can we do to collectively educate each other? What does a platform centred around marginalised people look like? Why should we all be inspired by the open-source community?

In the afternoon of the November 20th, Morris will also host an in person workshop looking at storytelling through interactive fiction. Morris invites you to explore fiction and text by taking the role of game developer in designing a narrative to be executed using the open-source game development platform, Twine.

Mutant Promise invite artists, designers, thinkers, tinkers, coders, activists, hackers and daydreamers to join them in making game narratives more reflective of genuine experiences.

For tickets and more information:-

Saturday November 20th: Lucia H Chung: Going Platinum!
12.00 – 13.00 Pay What You Can – tickets and event info (online)

Saturday November 27th: Jazmin Morris “representation in cyberspace”
11.00-12.00 Pay What You Can – tickets and event info (online)

Saturday November 27th: Jazmin Morris
14.00 – 18.00 £32 – tickets and event info (at Somerset House)