Women in Games Corporate Ambassador Riot Games showcases its Women@Riot programme…

Since 1987, March has been officially recognised as Women’s History Month. But celebrating women’s achievements in March dates back to March 8, 1911, the first time International Women’s Day was celebrated.

Through our Rioter Inclusion Groups (RIGs) March has become a month where Riot Games globally celebrates women and diverse communities for their achievements.  One of our programs that aims to enhance the development of women and gender-diverse Rioters is our Women@Riot Program, which has run annually since 2021.

Women@Riot Program
Over the past few years, the Diversity & Inclusion team at Riot Games has connected with women and gender-diverse Rioters around the world to learn what thriving at Riot Games means for this community. The team found that, first and foremost, Rioters want to develop personally and professionally, in and outside of their craft. Secondly, Rioters want to build a stronger community and leverage a network to seek advice and coaching. In order to support making this a reality, we created the Women@Riot Program.

Women@Riot is a global program for women and gender-diverse Rioters designed to achieve three objectives:

  1. Professional Development – building skills and tools to help navigate careers
  2. Personal Development – building resiliency and confidence in and outside of work
  3. Build Community – providing internal and external opportunities to engage and connect

The theme of Women@Riot is Leveling Up. We aspire to enable and encourage our participants to “level up” both personally and professionally with curated workshops and social events.

Through skill-based learning, participants gain tangible tools to leverage immediately in their day-to-day work while building strong connections across the company.

This year, due to popular demand the team is curating a cohort experience for Women@Riot members. Cohorts consist of 4-6 members based on individual preferences, who will be grouped together for additional opportunities to network and support each other throughout the program. The cohorts are opt-in and intended to personalize the experience for Women@Riot members.

The D&I team also works closely with Women@Riot members’ managers to ensure that the professional and personal development members are doing, extends beyond the program.

In 2023, based on feedback from previous years, we have specifically invited exciting and qualified educators from top level institutes in the US and EMEA and regional learning partners to teach more practical, hands-on, and interactive half-day workshops. These workshops aim to provide participants a breadth of knowledge on topics including In-Depth Negotiation, Cultivating Charisma and Managing Difficult Conversations.

Since inception, the program has helped nearly 500 Rioters to learn new skills and hone existing ones in order to become their best selves both in and outside of work. The team behind Women@Riot has created an innovative and engaging program that aims to attract and retain our women and gender-diverse talent.

Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman said: “Women@Riot is a great example of the work that our Corporate Ambassadors are doing to support women within their organisations. We welcome these initiatives and look forward to hearing more about how Riot’s workshops impact their teams.”