Women in Games has incorporated its Esports Discord Channel into its main Discord Channel.

CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman explains why: “We know that some women who play online games are really interested in esports but don’t know how to take first steps into that space and sector. They don’t necessarily feel comfortable joining a specific esports server, but would like to be in an environment where they can informally learn more about the opportunities inherent in esports and become more knowledgeable and confident.

“Further, merging our Discords enables informal learning, mentoring and cross pollination to take place across the multitude of new emergent areas within visual and gaming spaces.

“Women in Games Discord Manager Natalie Dodd is leading on vitalising the new Discord and there are plans for new moderator opportunities and themed monthly talks where our Ambassadors can step up to talk about their respective fields, sharing expertise, experiences and knowledge.” 

Over the next two weeks, you have the opportunity to move over from the older server to the new one. The esports server will be closed on July 18th.

If you are interested in becoming a moderator please sign up here.

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash