Our Corporate Ambassador Team17 is reaching out to our community to encourage women to join the company’s UK studios, with roles including hybrid and flexible working opportunities.

Why consider Team17 for your next role? Here’s what the company has to say:

Team17 has world class development talent, industry expertise, and creative and inventive thinking. We’re the perfect home to harness and grow your knowledge and skills, and the breadth of activity here means every day is lively, diverse, invigorating, and full of passion for games. As a Teamster, you’ll get access to national and global industry events including TwitchCon and Develop:Brighton, monthly Townhalls to get a true and live insight into Team17’s performance, Team17 Groups including She17, DisabiliT17, Green17 and our recently launched Team17 Fest!

Check out these opportunities:

Console Producer

Lead Artist


Executive Producer

And find out more about what Team17 has to offer here.