We’re delighted to welcome The Coders Guild to our Education Ambassador Programme.

The Coders Guild is a training provider with over seven years’ experience designing and delivering high-quality digital apprenticeships. It initiated the UK’s first industry-led digital apprenticeship team in 2012 when the organisation’s founder Crispin Read assembled a team of developers, business owners, community leaders and training experts to work together to devise a new scheme, with a focus on inclusion, to increase opportunity and diversity in the digital industries.

After two successful deliveries the team was asked to join the Tech Partnership’s trailblazer pilot scheme, which led to the creation of the new National Apprenticeship Standards in Software Development, to which all registered providers must now adhere.

Specialising in providing Level 4 Software Development and Software Testing Apprenticeships, The Coders Guild is also committed to diversity and inclusion, taking action to remove barriers to participation in learning and providing new opportunities for all.

Stuart Bowmer, Industry Relations Lead at The Coders Guild, (pictured left) said: “As an avid gamer, and being surrounded by powerful female role models throughout my life, it brings me a great sense of pride to be partnering with Women In Games, uniting talent and breaking down barriers, to empower a new era of innovation and inclusion. Together, we will illuminate the path for diversity, equality, and boundless possibilities within the gaming industry. Let our collaboration reshape the game, where every line of code and every player’s story carries the transformative power of unity.”

Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman added: “We are delighted to have The Coders Guild join our Education Ambassador Programme. We are impressed with the organisations commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion and together we are planning some exciting initiatives for the Women in Games community. Watch this space to find out more!”