The Women in Games Festival Website is live!

Discover more about the Women in Games Global Festival

The Women in Games Global Festival website is now live, giving you the opportunity to discover the series of events we have lined up between September 6th and September 18th.

The Women in Games Global Festival is a first of its kind event, celebrating interconnectedness in an ambitious, online galaxy. Taking place across two weeks, it encompasses a vast range of universally relevant subjects, and is designed to create a safe, positive and celebratory online environment.

The Festival will include:-

  • Hybrid Launch event
  • Week-long Games Jam
  • eSports Tournament
  • The annual Women in Games Conference
  • The annual Women in Games Global Awards

Plus, there will be a series of Satellite Events hosted by our community partners and associated organisations.

Everyone is welcome to gather in the Women in Games Galaxy, where we will be bringing you an array of entertaining, informative celestial experiences.

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