#RaiseTheGame, Ukie’s EDI initiative, has joined forces with Many cats Studios to launch a new campaign to showcase and celebrate disabled and neurodiverse people working in the UK games industry.

Impact is an annual campaign which will profile a cohort of six disabled and neurodiverse UK-based games industry professionals of various levels and specialisms to demonstrate the unique perspectives, input and value they offer the industry over their careers by proudly advocating their identity.

The selected cohort will get a chance to have their voice heard at the forefront of the games industry, with the opportunity to improve the visibility of disabled and neurodiverse people working in the industry through access to professional events, a peer support network, professional photography, and recognition as part of an industry-wide campaign.

Impact is a partnership between Chris Goodyear and Harriet Frayling of Many Cats Studios, and #RaiseTheGame’s Dom Shaw. As three disabled and/or neurodiverse people working in games, they have banded their experience and knowledge together to help celebrate other talented and wonderful people like them, and raise awareness of the factors that affect disabled and neurodiverse people working in games.

To be eligible nominees must be:

  • Disabled and/or neurodiverse
  • Be vocal, visible and open about their disability or neurodiversity
  • Working in any games industry role

To find out more about the campaign and to apply to join the cohort, click here.