CounterPunch, a studio of our Corporate Ambassador Virtuos, has contributed to the production of Life Rendered, a short film which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival recently.

Set in the near future, Life Rendered depicts the life of Mark, who splits his time between rural Colorado and virtual reality. In rural Colorado, he is his disabled father’s caretaker. In virtual reality, he finds romance in the worlds he has built for himself as a gay man.

Directed by Emma Needell, a writer-director-producer from rural Colorado, who first stepped into the Hollywood spotlight at age 24, when Oprah Winfrey came on to produce her breakout script The Water Man. She was also featured in Forbes 30 Under 30.

“I am proud of the themes we tackle in this project and it was wonderful to work with the disabled advocacy non-profit, Respect Ability, for script consultation and casting help, as well as best practices on set, as well as script consultation with GLAAD, the leading LGBTQIA+ non-profit in Hollywood,” commented Emma.

With the support of Virtuos Montreal and Sparx*, another Virtuos studio, CounterPunch was responsible for character and environment creation, rigging, layout, animation, final lighting, VFX and rendering for the computer graphics (CG) scenes in the Life Rendered Film. The director, Emma, and Virtuos teams used Unreal Engine for the visualisation and development of the story, as well as the film’s production pipeline for CG scenes.

“It was a great pleasure to work with Emma on Life Rendered. This project enabled our Virtuos teams from around the world to come together with our core competencies to create a new world and bring Emma’s vision to life,” said Kay Arutyunyan, General Manager at CounterPunch.

Meanwhile, Virtuos has also teamed up with jobs platform Hitmarker to host a Discord event on ‘How To Get Into Gaming’. Virtuos representatives in diverse roles shared their advice on how individuals can break into the games industry. You can catch up on the panel session here.