We are grateful to our Corporate Ambassador ISFE for highlighting the Women in Games Guide: Building A Fair Playing Field throughout the EU Diversity Month of May.

If you’re not aware of The Guide, where have you been?! Published in 2022, with support from ISFE and InGAME, Building A Fair Playing Field features almost 150 pages of information, inspiration, resources, first-hand accounts, showcases, recommendations and more. It is available to download for free.

The Guide – researched and authored by Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman and Women in Games Education & Research Consultant Sharon Tolaini-Sage – is for video games, esports, and connected industries of all scales and sizes who are interested in engaging with, and advancing, gender equality and wider diversity and inclusion, along with policy units and international trade associations.

It has already been translated and launched in a number of European territories – with more to follow – and is now the subject of ISFE’s campaign for EU Diversity Month, where each week the pan-European games organisation will focus on recommendations from The Guide. Follow ISFE’s Twitter feed to view the campaign as it unfolds here.

Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman said: “The Women in Games Guide: Building A Fair Playing Field continues to receive plaudits from around the world and we’re happy that this important piece of work is being so well received. And we are grateful to ISFE for highlighting some its recommendations throughout EU Diversity Month.”

To download The Guide for free click here.