We’re highlighting again this brilliant initiative which has seen international developers come together to ensure the world remains aware of the violation of women’s rights in Iran.

The Woman, Life, Freedom Game Jam took place in early December, inviting individuals to participate and help to spread the word about the overall initiative.

The campaign was launched following the death of Mahsa Amini’s death on September 13th 2022, with the organisers stating: “As a group of international game developers, we strongly believe that at this moment, nothing is more important than informing and reflecting the true message of this historical event. For us, video games are one of the strongest media to express and deliver our deepest thoughts, feelings and beliefs.”

The submissions for the Woman, Life, Freedom Game Jam can be viewed here.

And you can watch a stream of the event here.

The Woman, Life, Freedom organisers is lining up a digital art event soon, and we will share details as soon as we have them.