If we didn’t need any more reasons to head to Brighton this July, but here’s another: Lisa Opie, MD at Ubisoft Reflections and Ubisoft Leamington Spa – and a Women in Games Advisory Board Member – will be providing a keynote session at the conference.

Previously Managing Director of BBC Studios, Lisa’s Develop:Brighton 2022 keynote – titled: Building a Creative Culture, Together – will reflect on her time so far at Ubisoft and the importance of building an inclusive studio culture where every perspective is valued.

The session will include practical tips around:

  • Creating a culture of belonging
  • Building an award-winning wellbeing initiative
  • Empowering teams to drive their own initiatives
  • Revamping recruitment to appeal to a broad talent pool
  • Increasing transparency in studio leadership

Ubisoft Reflections (based in Newcastle) and Ubisoft Leamington (Leamington Spa) combine over 35 years of award-winning, game-making experience and heritage, under their collective belts, from Driver to The Division, Grow Home to Ghost Recon, and Atomega to Assassin’s Creed.

“I am thrilled to be delivering a keynote at this year’s Develop:Brighton,” said Lisa. “I’ll be talking about my first year as Managing Director of Ubisoft’s two HD studios in the UK, sharing some of the things I’ve learnt, highlighting some of the initiatives we’ve put in place to make sure our studios are as inclusive and creative as they can be, and reflecting on some of the things I think we can learn from other creative industries.

“I hope people will take away practical and actionable tips alongside some fresh ideas.”

The Develop:Brighton Conference will also see Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman and Women in Games Education & Research Consultant Sharon Tolaini-Sage present the Women in Games Guide: Building a Fair Playing Field. Plus look out for news soon on the hugely popular Women in Games Brighton Afternoon Tea!

Develop:Brighton 2022 takes place at the Hilton Brighton Metropole from Tuesday July 12th to Thursday July 14th. Find out more at www.developconference.com and follow @DevelopConf on Twitter.