We are just a couple of weeks out from the Women in Games Annual Global Conference 2023, which takes place on Tuesday October 10th, virtually via the Hopin platform.

At Women in Games we care about bringing more women into a fairer, safer games industry, where women’s representation and wellbeing are of central importance. To this end, the Conference will examine the idea and reality of Disruption as its theme, asking searching questions in every speaker session.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect from our speakers and sessions….

KEYNOTE: Madeline di Nonno, President and CEO of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media will ask: Why Reframe Representation in Video Games? The session will take a look at the findings and recommendations from the Institute’s recent report

How Might We Talk Differently About Money? Nikolina Finska, Founder & COO of Rainbow Unicorn Games and industry consultant, looks unflinchingly at the realities of changing the discourse around financial equity

What’s going wrong with women’s dialogue in video games? Steph Rennick and Sean Roberts, Co-Authors of the Video Game Dialogue Corpus, discuss how their ground-breaking research has reveal gendered biases and imbalance

What Can We Learn from a Serial Woman Entrepreneur? Deborah Lygonis, Founder & CEO of Friendbase AB and mentor, on tenaciously maintaining her vision and breaking down barriers

Salary Transparency: Breaking the Game or Path to Success? InnoGames’ Christiane Gäb and Jennifer Knaack return one year on from defying convention and publishing salary bands

What matters about women role models in games? Speakers from our Education Ambassador community uncover the inspirational value of making women visible and celebrating their influence

More speakers and sessions will be announced over the coming days, and tickets are available now at £30 each, so get yours today! Women in Games is a not-for-profit organisation and any money we receive from ticket sales covers the cost of the per-delegate cost we incur from the Hopin platform, as well as supporting the continuation of the work we do.

Tickets can be found here – https://hopin.com/events/women-in-games-annual-global-conference-2023/registration