We are delighted and honoured that our CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman was given the Outstanding Contribution accolade at the recent MCV Women in Games Awards.

The awards celebrate the achievements of women in the UK games industry, and we are also incredibly happy to see so many of our Ambassadors, Corporate Ambassadors and Advisory Board members listed amongst the winners and finalists.

Marie-Claire was presented with the MCV Outstanding Contribution award by Mellisa Knox from Rare who offered:

“This woman began her current role back in 2016, having previously worked in education. It was there that her desire for encouraging more women into the games industry began. During her time at this particular university, she made incredible progress in gender diversity – taking the programme from having no female students or staff, to a split of 60/40 men to women in the student cohort, and a 50/50 split across the staff. For this, she won an international award.

She is still supportive, and involved in, games education, as well as working with research and cultural organisations in the UK and beyond.

But it is her work spearheading a gender diversity organisation that has such an impact on women working in games, both here and internationally. Since taking on the role as CEO, she has taken the organisation from being run by volunteers in the UK, to a globally recognised body that has over 600 official Ambassadors in over 50 countries around the world, and an even bigger community of women and allies who all have a common goal of gender equality in games.

She is a true activist, working around the clock on campaigns and initiatives to help support women in games and esports. Her passion for the organisation’s goals is evident to anyone who meets her. She is a mentor to many, and an inspiration to many, many more.”

Elsewhere, the winners and finalists of the MCV Women in Games Awards are:

Creative Impact
Ranj Vekaria – Curve Games

Finalists: Charlie Bowater (Atomhawk), Anouk Debruyne (Jagex), Niamh Houston (aka Chipzel), Elly Marshall (Slightly Mad Studios), Hannah Waring (Lab42)

Development Impact
Jemma Harris – Sumo Digital

Finalists: Ruth Anna Caulcott-Cooper (The Chinese Room), Xu He (Netspeak Games), Anna Marsh (Firesprite), Simone McDermott (Ripstone), Catarina Martins (Supermassive Games)

Technical Innovation
Maria Laura Scuri – FACEIT

Finalists: Kirsty Fraser (Third Kind Games), Jo Haslam (Snap Finger Click), France Quiquere (Sumo Leamington), Andria Warren (Rare)

Journalism Impact
Marie Dealessandri – Gamesindustry.biz

Finalists: Alice Bell (Rock Paper Shotgun), Sophie Brugmann (Womenize! Inspiring Stories), Kate Gray (Nintendo Life), Aimee Hart (Gayming Magazine), Vic Hood (Tech Radar), Keza Macdonald (The Guardian)

Educational Impact
Shahneila Saeed – Ukie/Digital Schoolhouse

Finalists: Ruth Falconer (Abertay University), Bobbie Fletcher (University of Northampton), Rosalie Hoskins (Into Games), Robin Milton (Norwich University of the Arts), Sharon Tolaini Sage (Women in Games)

Esports Impact
Morgan Ashurst – British Esports Association

Finalists: Catherine Bygrave (Gfinity), Caz Lacey (CAA), Rachel Rakowski (Logitech), Becky Wright (National Student Esports)

Comms Impact
Sola Kasali – EA

Finalists: Gemma Cooper (Media Molecule), Amy Ellison (Koch Media), Livvy Garner (Ubisoft), Becky Mullen (Bastion), Sarah Wellock (Sega / Atlus)

In-House HR & Recruitment Impact
Kate Lindsay – Splash Damage

Finalists: Alison Clark (Outplay Entertainment), Danielle Davis (NaturalMotion / Zynga), Bex Holland (Rocksteady Studios), Sara Machado (Hitmarker), Bernice “Bee” Oshomuvwe (Sony London Studio)

Business Impact
Gemma Foster – Dlala Studios

Finalists: Sally Blake (Silent Games), Kirsty Endfield (Swipe Right PR), Amelia Lingman (Italic Pig), Tori Miller (Koch Media), MJ Widomska (YRS TRULY)

Career Mentor
Harinder Sangha – Sumo Digital

Finalists: Gaelle Caballero (Testronic), Suzy Hampson (Lucid Games), Sophie van den Boomen (Rebellion), Arielle Vieira (Electronic Arts), Lizzie Wilding (Dovetail Games)

Games Campaigner
Emma Smith – Creative Assembly

Finalists: Marion M Anh Baxerres (Ubisoft), Jennifer Estaris (Ustwo Games), Nickie Harper-Williams (Many Cats Studios), Karla Reyes (Niantic), Elli Shapiro (Rocksteady Studios)

Rising Star
Millicent Thomas – Ubisoft

Finalists: Frida Arntsen (Silent Games), Leah Dougherty (Lucid Games), Rach Macpherson (Neonhive), Aisling McElroy (Italic Pig), Tara Naz (Macademia), Catrin Price (Codemasters), Scarlett Sinclair (Hangar 13)