If you’re heading to GDC later this month, make a note in your diary to register for the roundtable on Climate & Indigenous Advocacy and Awareness.The session, which takes place on March 23rd at 5pm in the South Hall Room 211, is being led by Charly Harbord, Women in Games’ Co-Ordinator and Collaborator, and InGAME International Project Co-Ordinator at Abertay University.

Alongside Paula Angela Escuadra, Senior User Research Lead & SIG Co-Founder at Microsoft, and IGDA Climate Special Interest Group, Charly will be taking a deep dive into this important issue. The session description is here:

The climate crisis impacts every person’s ability to keep making and playing the games we know and love. We as game developers have real power to tackle the climate crisis. However, it can often be difficult to figure out what meaningful actions we can take. Even more so, it’s difficult to identify how we can work in close partnership with the communities most adversely affected by this major existential threat – who, most often, have experienced erasure and do not have an equal seat at the table. By incorporating Indigenous perspectives into the design process, the experiences we create can benefit from a deeper level of co-design. In turn, this unlocks the potential discovery of innovative design methods and game mechanics; more authentic experiences for players; and real-world actions that can create a measurable impact.

Our ability to forge a clear path towards a truly inclusive and climate-resilient industry is possible – and there are two vibrant, growing communities you can leverage to do so today. IIn this first-ever joint roundtable, the IGDA Climate Special Interest Group (IGDA Climate SIG, co-founded by Paula Escuadra and Hugo Bille) and the newly formed IGDA Indigenous Advocacy and Awareness SIG (IGDA IA&A SIG, co-founded by Charly Harbord and Dr. Phyllis Callaghan) are working together to create a safe space for action: to share experiences, ask questions, and give support for organizations and individuals who want to develop trusted and sustainable relationships with Indigenous peoples. We need your honest perspective, collaboration, and partnership – not only on what is most useful, but also on what we are missing, and what we, as a global community, need to do next to support you on your journey.

We’re delighted that Charly is taking part in the GDC schedule – and applaud her and Paula for tackling this difficult subject.

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