Women in Games Esports Initiatives and Activities

By CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman

Women in Games are active in the esports sector leading a variety of initiatives and supporting a wide range of activities. 

We are delighted to announce the winners of our #ForTheGamers Women in Games $1K Scholarships! Women in Games and eFuse have teamed up to offer scholarships for future gaming industry leaders. Women in Games have utilized the eFuse platform to offer three USA and Canadian focused Women in Games scholarships in the amount of $1,000.  The opportunity is focused on graduating seniors in the Class of 2021, who have aspirations to continue their path in the gaming industry.  Congratulations to Halle Stallworth and Sofia De La Cruz, Women in Games are so thrilled to have been able to support you in your career journey.

In an ongoing effort to support intersectional representation in esports, Women in Games formed a partnership with the Cat Collective, a community-oriented organisation focused on inclusivity in gaming. Women in Games is helping to support the Cat Collective’s visibility goals, provide counsel and advocacy, and drive support and engagement for it. And the Cat Collective is helping Women in Games grow its esports footprint, so we can help more women and LGBTQ+ players find a welcoming environment for learning and forming lasting friendships.

The Cat Collective’s goals are to bring visibility to our “international women and LGBTQ+ players, and to give them what they need to succeed, whether that is in-game coaching, or teaching them how to run teams or manage server-wide events,” explains Emma Brown, Women in Games Ambassador and Founder of the Cat Collective. “We have a diverse collection of expertise to share, from CV editing to graphic design; ensuring transmission of many skills keeps our community agile. 

Working with the established, professional tournament organisers, Monkey Bubble, Women in Games ran its first esports event for women and non-binary Overwatch players from established community groups during its Women in Games Global Conference in September 2020. We are planning to run a similar tournament at our Women in Games Festival 2021

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One of our founding Education Ambassador’s is the University of Roehampton who  last year launched a Women in Esports Scholarship programme. the first women-focused esports scholarship to be introduced in Europe. With up to four scholarships available to first year students starting in September 2020 and 2021, each worth up to £1,500 a year, the programme aims to improve diversity and inclusivity in the esports industry and to inspire the next generation of women esports professionals.

Jonas kontautas the Programme Director states ”The first year of the Roehampton Women in Esports has been a great success and we’re very excited to go into the second year in September 2021. Our current scholarship recipients have been doing amazing things for themselves and the wider university community. The applications for the scholarship are still open and we can’t wait to meet the next generation of scholarship recipients.”

Find more details on the scholarship and how to apply on the University’s website here

Join our Women in Games Esports Discord to learn more about our initiatives,  activities. And to meet with our vibrant esports community.  https://discord.gg/women-in-games-esports